It Doesn’t Make a Difference How Long You Leave Conditioner In For

Even though deep-conditioning hair masks have to be left on for a sizable chunk of time, when you’re just washing your hair, it turns out it makes absolutely no difference how long you leave your conditioner in for.

Mind-blowing, right?

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I can still remember the day in high school when my friend turned to me and expertly intoned that the secret to getting your hair extra shiny was to leave your conditioner in for three minutes.

Since she had better hair than me, I immediately believed her, and never thought to question her knowledge until just now.

I didn’t even stop and ask myself why whenever I got my hair cut, whoever washed my hair wasted zero time before rinsing the conditioner out. I just assumed they were pressed for time.

But it turns out it was just because they knew more about hair than me.

Go figure.

“[How long you leave in conditioner] really doesn’t make a difference,” stylist Edward Tricomi explained to Teen Vogue. “The effects of conditioners are instant because by the time you get to that step, your hair is swollen from water molecules, so the conditioner can’t further penetrate your hair.”

Crazy right.

At least the good news is if, like me, you grew up leaving your conditioner in for a few extra minutes, at least you weren’t accidentally fucking your shit up.

The more you know.

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[H/T Teen Vogue]

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