This Rich Kid of Instagram Got Busted For Not Being Rich

There are only two requirements to be considered a rich kid of Instagram and apparently Julia Stakhiva only has the Instagram part of the equation down.


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Now before we even get into this, it’s important to point out that there are two separate sets of official Rich Kids of Instagram.

There are the Rich Kids of Instagram lead by Andrew Warren and featuring Tiffany Trump that you may have seen on, you know Instagram, and then there are the Rich Kids of Instagram who star in the Rich Kids Of [Insert City Here] reality shows.

Julia belongs to the latter set of kids so unless you’re up on your E4 shows, you probs don’t know who tf this girl is.

But as it turns out she may not even be rich so you can go back to not knowing her in a hot sec.

In a story for The Guardian, the author alleges that Julia found her house via the “classic billionaire accommodation hook-up,”

The house allegedly belonged to her mother-in-law, who let Julia stay there while she was doing rich person things abroad.

Julia filmed multiple scenes in the house, while pretending like she owned the place, although all of those scenes have since been edited out of the show.

Oh well.

At least nobody will ever be able to take this quote away from Julia:

“Some people are not brave enough to have surgery. They think it’s better to sit at home, eat pizza and judge me. But I just think well, you eat pizza and I look pretty.”

Stay classy, girl.

[H/T Town and Country]

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