Amaya Jones uses her fine arts background to create holistic fine jewelry

Amaya Jones, English and Saudi Arabian jewelry designer, is based in Los Angeles where she crafts holistic fine pieces with healing properties. Stemming from her artistic background, Amaya has earned a degree in Fine Arts and worked in various galleries.

With healing stones such as tourmaline to absorb negative energy and transmit tranquility, Amaya seeks to heal people while simultaneously focusing on a chic design. (As her sister, I have seen the healing stones work wonders for both your energy and mood.)

You can check out her stuff on her brand’s website.

How did you get into jewelry?

My jewelry pieces are my own mini sculptures. My background is in fine art from The Museum School. I was always drawn to sculpture and installation.  

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What’s your creative process? 

There’s no set formula for coming to a new idea. I try to meditate every day for about 30 minutes. Sometimes I’ll get inspired when my head is quiet. Other times I’ll be walking around super distracted and noisy and I’ll see something that will make an idea click. I also spend a lot of time in nature and I read all sorts of books. Story books, non-fiction, picture books, books of symbols. I’m also always writing notes on my phone and then I’ll revisit them a few days later and elaborate an idea. I think it’s cool to start with a written idea, whether that’s a storyline, poem, concept, or theory. Then, I like to see that idea visually presented either through 2D drawings, or photographs, or film. Then I like to create the final product. That’s usually how I work. 

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What are some of your favorite crystals and what do they do?

I love tourmaline, because they come in every color. It’s a healing and protective stone. They heat up when you hold them. It’s said that tourmaline is a magic stone because it absorbs negativity and transmits tranquil energy to the receiver at the same time. 

What’s your sign?

I’m an Aries… I think we’re meant to be a handful.  

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Where are you from and how do you think it has influenced your craft?

My dad’s from London. I was born there and spent my childhood there. My mother is Armenian and Saudi Arabian but I’ve lived in the states for 16 years so I think all four cultures have shaped me into who I am. Growing up in big cities and also in the desert has given me unique a experience of two very different environments. 

Who and what are your influences?

The desert inspired my first collection and the sea inspired my second. Nature is one of the biggest themes in my work. My mother also influenced my taste a lot. She’s an artist too and I was always obsessed with her aesthetic and style. 

So, you write poetry for your collections, where do you get your inspiration?

My poems come to me in a funny way. I’ll be thinking about the story line, so for instance I’ll decide I want it to be a love story between the moon and sea and I’ll be thinking about that for a few weeks. Then all of a sudden I’ll have to run and grab and pen and paper because the words just spill out all at once and then it’s done. 

What are you working on right now?

Right now I’m working on a few things! New pieces for my jewelry collection which will be based on good luck charms. Also, my friend and I are cowriting a mini web series that we are producing and directing ourselves. 

Describe your dream day! 

My dream day… I would wake up after sleeping in a super comfortable bed with BORNS (my new crush). We would eat breakfast on top of a the mountain covered in jungle and clouds and the chef would be Mooji (a Jamaican mystic). He would start our day with some dope wisdom and then we would slide down the magic mountain on a water slide that turns into a river and we would float all day in it. Then we would make a fire and eat BBQ for lunch, then I think a nap and some ice cream.



Photography: Skye Jones

Jewelry: Amaya Jones

Model: Amaya Jones

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