A style handbook from Instagram’s favorite Asian hypebeast queens

You have probably seen these fashion killers pop up on your explore page, and now they are giving Galore an exclusive handbook on how to achieve these show-stopping looks.

These women don’t need to take cues from fashion industry moguls because they have mastered curating runway looks out of their own closets, using innovative DIY methods and incorporating thrifted items. They stand up to the elitism of the fashion industry and the unfair capitalist methods of producing clothes, while never sacrificing an ounce of style.

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1. Use thrifting and sustainable methods of buying clothes

“Consider where your clothing comes from. I live in a society that is capitalist and consumerist, and fast fashion is normalized. What we don’t realize is the labour that goes into making our clothes, and the human and environmental cost of our trends.” – Alice

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2. Pair bold prints with chunky belts

“It’s easy to thrift, and fun to style.” – Alice

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3. Confidence is key

“An air of confidence will bring any outfit from an 8/10 to 11/10. Nothing fuels my confidence more than when someone gives my outfit the ‘what the fuck is that’ look. No fashion choice is the ‘wrong’ fashion choice.” – Linda

4. Cop a pair of sturdy boots

“Nothing in the world can stop me when I’m wearing my fave chunky Unif boots.” – Linda

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5. Incorporate metal into your clothing

“Chains and o-rings are perfect accessories for when you want to fool people into thinking you’re real tough. Chain belts and necklaces are my go-to accessories at the moment. Nothing says fashion like setting off every metal detector in the airport.” – Linda

6. Wear utility and hardware inspired pieces

“Chains, buckles and straps. They’re really fun to wear plus it’s handy to be able to clip stuff onto them. Plus wearing those sort of things makes me feel powerful as hell you know.” – Elle

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7. Don’t only pay attention to expensive brands

“Just because it’s branded and expensive, doesn’t mean it looks good.” – Elle

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8. Don’t religiously follow trends

“If a new trend is coming up and you don’t like it, don’t feel pressured to wear it.” – Elle

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9. Tap into fashion subcultures

“I take bits and pieces from subcultures like 90s Lolita, grunge/goth, sporty retro looks, skater fashion and Japanese uniform/schoolgirl.” – Elle

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10. You can never wear too many accessories

“My favourites at the moment are probably my finger choker, finger earrings, and hand earrings paired with chunky silver chains.” – Tara

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11. Wear checkerboards

“Dior just dropped an all checkered collection.” – Tara

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12.  Cop a staple denim jacket

“It is such a versatile piece, it goes with everything and always looks good.” – Oanh

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13. Incorporate Primary Colors

“Red, yellow, and blue — I love pairing these different colors together, they just instantly lift my mood.” – Oanh

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14. Wear Cargo Pants

“This is my favorite fashion trend at the moment. I’m here for the early 2000’s vibe.” – Seryna

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15. Know what flatters your body

“And wear whatever makes you feel most confident.” – Seryna

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