11 All American Airbnbs That Are Cooler Than Any Hotel

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The most stressful part of any vacation (for me at least) is picking somewhere cool to stay — you don’t want to have your whole trip ruined by a shitty motel.

So we decided to highlight a few places where the Airbnbs are even cooler than the hotels. We’re talking smaller cities, and some towns that aren’t bigger than 2 square miles that all have some crazy Airbnb listings, like a school bus for example.

Here is a list of the places with the wackiest Airbnbs.

1. Savannah, Georgia

Where else can you stay in a mansion for $100 a night? Or in a 200 year-old historical cottage that still has all of the original carpentry? Savannah, Georgia, is where. The city is super rich in old southern history, and these Airbnbs are close to Forsyth Park which itself has a lot of history from the 1800s. Completely covered in moss, the city drips in old luxury. There are also some famous haunted buildings in Savannah that are always cool to check out too.

2. Marfa, Texas

While there are many old and historic hotels in Marfa, the Airbnbs here will really make you feel like you are in the Wild West. This town is super artsy and gained fame through its wacky desert installations, like the Prada Marfa. Many of the Airbnbs are in the actually town of Marfa, but I found a few that have majorly gorgeous desert views, like this boat that is basically on a trailer in the middle of the desert. Or this minimalist trailer from the 1970s that now sits in this retro themed RV park.

Only downside is they both have communal showers in their respective campgrounds, but like I said, Wild West, right?

3. Asheville, North Carolina

This tucked away gem is in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina, and while you might not immediately think artsy or hipster when you think of North Carolina, Asheville proves all that wrong. This city is basically a pocket of liberal and progressive thinking people who are also hella artsy and outdoorsy. You can stay in this quaint cottage that is minutes away from the famous Biltmore or this cabin that probably has the best views in all of Asheville.

4. Vancouver, Washington

You might be familiar with Vancouver, Canada, but did you know what Washington’s Vancouver has some of the coolest Airbnbs? Like you can stay in a bus for fuck’s sake (no like seriously imagine doing it in this bus, taking the whole school girl kink thing up a notch). You can also stay at this retro af apartment in the middle of downtown Vancouver, which is literally right across the river from Portland, Oregon, where there’s a lot to do there also.

5. Bisbee, Arizona

Another Wild West type place, Bisbee, Arizona, is a historic town that’s in the middle of nowhere, but Airbnb seems to be poppin’. It’s really artsy thought and they have several cute little cottages, but if I were going to stay in Bisbee, I’d stay at this farm. It’s a little bit further out from town, but if you’re looking for somewhere remote, this is it. They have goats, cows and horses, and trails you can take the horses on. You can also rent a hammock and the Airbnb owners will set up a tent for you.

Also in the middle of Old Town Bisbee, you can stay over in an apartment one of the historic store fronts and you’ll be close to all that Bisbee has going on.

6. Lake Tahoe, California

Not only are you close to some of the best ski resorts and a jaw-droppingly gorgeous lake, but you can stay in a freaking teepee in the middle of the forest. Talk about fulfilling all of my childhood dreams, and you can also stay in a treehouse? Both of these are in a town called Carnelian Bay which is on the northwest side of Lake Tahoe.

7. San Francisco, California

San Francisco is a notoriously pricey city, but we found some dope places to stay that aren’t terribly expensive. This really cute studio won’t break the bank and it has a beautiful view of the city from the deck. It’s also within walking distance of the Golden Gate Park. If you want to rage and spend all your coins, you can actually stay in one of the famous Painted Ladies that are in the iconic intro of Full House. You got it dude.

8. Deadwood, South Dakota

Why the fuck would you go to South Dakota? Deadwood is why. It’s beautiful, and it has several casinos which is why you might come here I guess. But it’s close to Mount Rushmore also, and you can stay in whack ass places like a renovated brothel from the 1800s for example.

Here’s a history lesson: this was a poppin’ place during the gold rush and another place near Deadwood you can stay in this old gold mining house. This is also really close to Sturgis which is where all these motorcycle daddies get together once a year and jam out to rock n’ roll music. Yes please.

9. Yellowstone National Park

Airbnbs near Yellowstone National Park range from luxury to a tent. And then there’s a super luxurious tent similar to the Safari tents at Coachella but thankfully nowhere near as expensive (or exclusive. If you’re on a budget, you can stay in someone’s truck camper, but the cool part is that you can drive this Airbnb anywhere in Yellowstone.

10. Provincetown, Massachusetts

Provincetown is a really up-and-coming vacation spot for the summers, and it is probably one of the most well known cities in Cape Cod. There’s a huge LGBT presence, and they really have turned around Provincetown in the last year. Of course you could stay in a typical Cape Cod style house, or you could stay in an adorable af garden cottage that’s super close to the beach and city center. Or you could stay in a barn that is also used as an artist’s studio.

11. Atlanta, Georgia

While most of the Airbnbs in Atlanta are just apartments or rooms in someone’s house, this one I found is like the dream Airbnb. It’s a treehouse that feels like it could be from another mystical world, like from Neverland or something, but it’s in the middle of Atlanta. Seriously there are like bridges from treehouse to treehouse.

Also, if you’re not feeling the treehouse aesthetic, there’s always this retro apartment that has a pool table and things like that, and it’s really close to downtown for shopping and other fun stuff.

Photo: Airbnb

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