8 Perfect Gifts For The Foodie In Your Life

Nobody really wants to receive food as a Christmas gift. I mean, there’s a reason people hate on fruitcake, and while it’s partly for the taste, it’s definitely also partly because it’s a shitty gift.

But avoiding gifts that include edible items doesn’t mean that you can’t get your foodie friend something up their alley. Just check out some of these food-themed, yet functional gifts. And if your friend is all about that fast food life? Check out these gifts too.

1. These Lip Balms

Why use an egg-shaped lip balm when you could be using one shaped like an apple or a banana? These Tonymoly products not only look like fruits, they also smell like them. They’re within your budget, easy, and super cute. With Korean beauty products blowing up, your friend will be hyped to be one of the first to have these.

2. A Waffle Maker

Okay, kitchen appliances aren’t always super exciting, but waffle makers are lit. I mean, there are so many endless options, whether you want to go for the OG chicken and waffles or this innovative waffle Mac and Cheese. Plus, it’s a lot cheaper than you’d think it would be, making you look like a fab friend.

3. Try The World Boxes

If you get anyone this gift, you’re the real MVP. It’s a little pricier, but you’re also basically getting them a gift that keeps on giving for 12 months of the year. A delicious and exotic gift. Try The World sends snack boxes once a month and they contain five foods from five different countries. What more could you want?

4. A Foodie Book

Not only will this book make your friend’s kitchen suddenly look fancier, it’ll also provide them with recipes and the wine pairings to go with them, which seems like the type of knowledge they’d want to have, you know?

5. This Delicious Looking Planter

Succulents are all the rage, but why get a boring old cactus pot when you could get a planter shaped like a chicken leg?

6. These Expressive AF Rings

If your friend isn’t into kitschy food-themed accessories, a ring like this can still proclaim her love for snacks without being loud and in your face. The ring also comes in an “ice cream,” “burrito,” and “I <3 Pina Coladas” version.

7. These Juicy Pasties

Everyone’s freeing the nip these days, but these watermelon nip covers are the next best thing. They’re cute, cheap, and perfect for your food loving, festival going friend.

8. This Adorable Cooler Bag

Upgrade your friend’s picnic basket with this dope cooler bag shaped like a Watermelon. I mean, what more could you need? It’s perfect for carrying around wine, beer, or legit watermelon. And it doesn’t make you look like a soccer mom.

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