7 Signs You’re Out of Your Bae’s League

Because girls aren’t as shallow or cocky as dudes, lots of times they date guys who are way below them in terms of the hotness level, aspirations, or overall personality. Sometimes girls are so humble and blinded that they don’t even realize that they’re way out of their bae’s league.

It’s not that you need to dump your boo who’s lucky af to have scored you, but you should still know what’s up. Here are the signs that you’re def out of your boyfriend’s league.

1. Your Friends Say “He’s Nice” In a High-Pitched Voice

You’d think calling someone nice is a good thing, but it’s really not. I mean, think about it, when you meet someone for the first time and you like them, what do you say about them? You may say they’re cool, or they’re hot, or they’re a down ass bitch, but you don’t say that they’re “nice.” Nice is the word you use when you have nothing else good to say but don’t want to seem like a bitch. If your friends call your bae nice in that fake-ass voice, it means they think he’s a ugly loser.

2. He Seems Nervous When You Hook Up

It’s fine to be nervous for a first-time hook up with someone, but if he continually appears uneasy or whatever, it might be because he’s not used to hooking up with a girl as hot as you–or hooking up with any girls at all.

3. People Don’t Realize He’s Your Boyfriend When You’re Out Together

Nothing is more awk than people thinking your boo is your little brother or your friend instead of your boyfriend. This might be because you’re not into PDA, or it could also be because people don’t believe that somebody as sexy as you would ever date someone that looks as scraggly as him so when they look at you, “couple” is the last thing that comes to mind.

4. Your Parents Don’t Really Approve

Sometimes mom and dad do really know best, and if they don’t like your bae it says something. Maybe it’s because he never graduated college and works at Best Buy, but maybe it’s just because he’s socially awkward and they don’t want ugly grandkids.

5. He Never Talks About High School and/or College

While you have fond memories of sorority mixers and doing crazy bar crawls, your boo stays silent about past social activities. Why? Because he didn’t have any. His school years were probs spent trolling Reddit or playing video games, but he doesn’t want you to know that for obvious reasons.

6. Your Friends Try To Set You Up With Someone Else

Even if your friends don’t openly trash your bae, they subtly try to set you up with other dudes they know. This isn’t because they forgot that you already are in a relationship, it’s because they’re embarrassed for you and don’t know how to tell you.

7. His Friends’ Jaws Drop When They Meet You 

Okay, maybe you won’t physically see their jaws drop, but still. Maybe your boo always gloats about “how hot” his friends think you are, or maybe his friends are weirdly obsessed with you and stare at you way too often. Either way, it’s a sign.

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