Drake and Rihanna Are Kissing On the Lips in Public Now

PDA is pretty much one of the grossest things we come into contact with on a daily basis, unless the two people getting all lovey dovey in public are Drake and Rihanna.

Then it’s not just acceptable, it’s actually encouraged.

After an awkward kiss at the VMAs and some neck nuzzling in Miami, Drake and Rihanna have finally given us the full on kiss on the lips moment we’ve been waiting for.

Last night Drake surprised his fans by bringing Rihanna onstage. After she performed what was probably a rousing rendition of “Bitch Better Have My Money,” she sauntered offstage towards Drake and the two shared a short but sweet kiss on the lips followed by a super affectionate hug.

Looks like those sources who swore Drake and Rihanna were done hiding their relationship were right.

About fucking time, guys.

[H/T Daily Mail]

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