7 Signs You’re Finally Over Your Ex

Everybody has that one ex that they had trouble getting over. You shouldn’t be embarrassed about it, all it means is that you actually were capable of loving (or really, really liking) someone, which means that you actually do have a heart. Yay!

Getting over someone is a process, and you should take all the time you need (unless it becomes too much time, then maybe something else is wrong). But like all good things, sometimes getting over your ex happens without you even realizing it. You just wake up one day and for once your ex isn’t the first thing on your mind, instead you’re thinking of gluten-free pancakes.

Here are the seven serious signs that you’re finally over your ex:

1. Running Into Them Doesn’t Ruin Your Day

Nothing’s worse than running into your ex. Oh, unless you run into your ex when you look like shit. Most people would want to look good when they run into their ex, whether they’re still heartbroken or not. But if you’re not over your ex, then running into them can ruin your day (or night). If you see your ex out, you’ll suddenly want to go home cuz you feel like shit, or you’ll get too drunk to cope and end up making a fool of yourself. You then spend the rest of the day thinking about them even more than usual.

But if you’re over them, it’s just the same as seeing your ex-BFF, or that guy you randomly made out with freshman year. You can maybe make small talk it you’re up for it, but you also don’t have to. Either way, you’re not over-thinking it.

2. You’ve Stopped Looking For Someone To Replace Them

Whether you realize it or not, when you’re not over your ex you constantly look for new hook-ups that remind you of them. Maybe they play the same sport or have the same build or just remind you of them, but you def do it. Being heartbroken can make you feel lonely and cause you to actively search for a new bae, but when you’re actually over it, you’ll solely be focusing on you. If someone comes along, cool. If not, you’re too busy to worry about it.

3. It Wouldn’t Bother You To See Them With Someone New

Okay, maybe it would bother you a little bit, but not to the point of you stalking your ex’s new bae for hours on Instagram, making a voodoo doll, and proceeding to stab it in the heart.

4. You Actually Want To See Them Happy

Instead of fake saying, “I just want them to be happy,” behind a grimace, you actually like, kind of do.

5. You Have Real Feelings For Someone Else

Trying to find someone new after your ex is an endless struggle because you may meet great people, but realize that you’re still missing your ex. Sometimes you wonder if you’ll ever feel that way about someone again. It’s not that you should be actively searching for a new boo after a breakup, but once you do develop real feelings for someone else, you’ll know for sure that your ex ain’t no thang.

6. You Stop Wondering “What If”

Overthinking plagues us all. And a typical behavior of someone who misses their ex is wondering “what if we had met at a different time?” Or, “what if we never had that fight?” When you’re over it, you’ll stop wondering about the past and start thinking about the future. You’ll accept that everything happens for a reason and you clearly weren’t meant to be.

7. You Don’t Hate Them Anymore

Hating someone doesn’t mean you’re over them. In fact, it’s actually indifference that means you’re over someone, because if you “hate” them, you clearly still care. You no longer spend time talking shit about your ex to your BFF or hoping that bad shit happens to them, because you just don’t care anymore.

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