6 Signs Your Relationship Will End With Cuffing Season

Cuffing season is finally melting away like the stubborn pile of snow that was eternally in your driveway this winter.

Whether you emerged victorious with a Tinder boyfriend in tow, or you kept warm this winter with a big box of pizza and wine, you can soon throw on your short-shorts and forget about all the loser dudes who texted you asking to “come cuddle” this past winter.

But, what about if you got wifed up during cuffing season? Does it mean now that spring has sprung it’s time to say sayonara? Or do you two have a love that’ll last through all the seasons?

If any of these red flags pop up, you might want to have a little talk with bae…

1. You Start Getting Spring Fever

I’m still not sure if it’s the warm weather or some type of mirage, but every time it starts getting warm again it’s like a whole new swarm of sexy men start floating around your neighborhood. Suddenly, you’re bumping into hotties everywhere. While you go on your morning run, while buying eggs at your corner bodega, even while you’re purchasing tampons at CVS! Nothing wrong with noticing shirtless dudes on their morning jogs and appreciating the scenery, but if you start fantasizing about these guys instead of the dude you’ve been Netflix and chilling with all winter, maybe it’s time to upgrade your model.

2. You Don’t Want To Bring Him Out With Your Friends

The great thing about being cuddled in bed with Netflix all winter is that you really don’t have to introduce your cuddle buddy to anyone except your roommates. Sure, maybe he’s kind of pretentious and has a really bad tattoo, but none of your friends really saw what he looked like besides the carefully selected Instagram photos you sent of him to your group chat. Now that it’s getting warm, you’re being invited to happy hours, parties, and your man is actually wanting to go on outdoor dates?! If you’re not about any of this nonsense, and prefer to only see this guy when he’s under your covers eating you out while The Breakfast Club plays in the background, tell him you’ll see him next winter.

3. You Start Wearing Less and Going Out More

Sorry for the cliché as fuck Drake pun here, but it’s true. We all know that wearing a barely-there bikini to a music festival is so much more fun when you don’t have a jealous boyfriend at home freaking out over the fact that your bare ass is on display. Not to mention that going out with your girls will always be more fun than going out with your boo thang. Having a bae is fun when your weekends consist of take-out and movies, but it’s not quite as fun when you’re just trying to do you and be a bottle rat at the club.

4. You Start Noticing Gross Things About Him

The longer you hang out with someone, the more things you may notice about them. If you’re really in love with said someone, their imperfections won’t bother you. But, if they’re a rando that you picked up to keep you warm through December, you may notice these things. I mean, honestly, seeing a guy in flip flops can really change a girl’s perspective on him, because it’s fucking disgusting. You may also notice how his sweat smells like a mixture of potato salad and Axe body spray, or how he actually drinks Natty Light on his porch like some washed up frat dude with a dad bod. Sometimes, guys just look better in a beanie and jeans, or in the haze of a lonely winter night.

5. You Start Wanting To Like, Actually Do Things

If you’ve ever had a boo in college, you’ve probably found yourself in a relationship where the dates solely consist of watching movies, having sex, and drinking together. While all of those things can certainly be a great time, there comes a point where you long for a boyfriend who will take you on actual dates. Going out to eat instead of ordering in is fun. So is taking walks in the park. Fuck, maybe go mini golfing if you’re feeling really crazy. If you find that your man isn’t too keen on fun activities and prefers to have his dick sucked while watching The Walking Dead, maybe it’s time to find someone new.

6. He’s No Longer a Priority

Cuffing season occurs because everyone is bored, lonely, and doesn’t want to leave their house in the winter. Now that it’s warming up, you have tons of plans and not tons of time. If you find that now that you have a busy schedule hanging with your cut-buddy is getting pushed to the bottom of the list, it’s time for a new cut-buddy, or maybe it’s time for you to be single.

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