7 Signs a Guy Is Secretly Trying To Tame You

It seems like every boy was *blessed* with a little bit of a Madonna-Whore complex.

You can make a guy fall for you with your sexy outfits and party girl vibes, but once you two get serious he suddenly wants you to start dressing like a nun and visiting the convent instead of the club. What gives?

The worst part is, a guy’s psycho-possessive actions can sometimes be seen as “cute” or “caring,” especially if you’ve never been in a normal and healthy relationship before. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here are some signs that a dude is trying to tame you so that you know when to leave his ass.

1. He Asks You If You’re Cold

This is the oldest mom trick in the fucking book. You’re going out in a tank top and short-ass Abercrombie mini skirt and your mom asks “aren’t you going to be cold?” even though it’s 70 fucking degrees outside.

Your man isn’t being cute by worrying about you freezing to death or giving you his hoodie, he’s just trying to hide the goods because he’s possessive af.

2. He Slowly Starts Pushing You Away From Your “Party Friends”

When you enter a new relationship, it’s nice to finally meet a guy who wants to hang out all the time instead of ghosting you until 2 a.m. when he’s DTF. But does him wanting to hang out with you all the time coincidentally take you away from all your wild friends? Does he always seem to want to hang out during the times you and your friends would go to happy hours or out to the club? Does he say shit like “I don’t know why you hang out with those girls, you’re so much smarter than them,” or some other shamey shit? Chicks before dicks, girl!

3. He Always Wants To Stay In & Watch a Movie

I don’t care how much you like “Stranger Things or whatever other dumb show you’re “addicted” to, Netflix and chilling every fucking night is not fun! Maybe your boo is just really boring, or maybe he’s purposely trying to keep you locked away in his apartment the same way the Beast locked Belle up in that tower and shit, ya feel?

4. He Makes You Feel Bad About Going Out

Nothing is worse that the subtle guilt a guy tries to make you feel when you tell him you’re going out with the girls. Nothing.

If he was going out with the guys and you expressed any hesitations whatsoever, you’d be called “nagging” or “needy” or just “fucking annoying.” And yet, when your guy does it, you think it’s cute that he wants to spend more time together or sweet that he worries about you so much.

It’s not sweet, it’s psycho.

5. He Casually Brings Up “Role Models”

If your boo randomly talks about how “Audrey Hepburn was so sexy in a classy way” or how his roomie’s girlfriend “always has dinner ready when he gets home,” first off, he sucks. Second off, he’s being passive-aggressive and obvi trying to hint something to you about your thot-attire and cuisine of choice being Hot Pockets. If he has issues, he can bring them up to you in a straightforward manner. And then, you can feel less bad about dumping his ass.

6. He Always Wants You To Text Him When You Get Home

Another thing that can be seen as cute, but is secretly probs a way of checking on you. Sure, he wants to know that you got home safe after going out. But he also wants to know what time you got home, if you were sober enough to text him coherently, and if you were alone. If you text him “home babe,” at 5 a.m., he’ll be sure to pepper you with questions the next day about why you were out so late, if you danced with anyone, and if anybody hit on you. Oh, and if he didn’t ask before, he’ll be sure to ask what you wore.

7. He “Doesn’t Understand” Why You Need To Dress “That Way”

It’s so cute how boys think that girls dress sexy to impress them. They’re super down for you wearing short dresses and crop tops when you’re first hooking up, but once you start dating he’s confused. I mean, why do you need to dress sexy when you have a boyfriend? You should obviously just start wearing full body sweatsuits since you don’t need to impress guys anymore.

If he says anything resembling the above, drop his ass.

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