7 Semi-Productive Things To Do When You’re Bored AF Over Winter Break

In your mind, winter break is the time where you relax, get your life together, maybe stop blacking out every night of the week. You know, a kind of staycation version of paradise.

In reality, by the third day of winter break, you’re already out of Netflix movies to watch, you’ve been wearing your Hello Kitty pajama pants for 48 hours, and you start to–gasp–consider reaching out to some old high school friends.

But you don’t have to resort to socializing. Instead, get productive! But not like, psycho productive, fun productive!

1. Clean Out Your Room & Sell Shit

Apps like Depop are popping off, and some teens claim to make $100-200 a day after school. While you may not have that many gems lurking around your old childhood bedroom, you’ll be surprised. Besides, let’s be real, your parents are probs going to move out of your big childhood house eventually, might as well help them clean shit out now. It’ll be fun going through old memories, and if you make a couple bucks off of your old Britney Spears concert tees, you’re all the wiser.

2. Try a New Workout

You could wait until January 1st and go to the gym when it’s teeming with un-athletic peeps, or you could get a head start now. Not only will exercise probably make you feel less sloth-like, you may find a new workout routine, class, or even a machine at the gym that you’re really into.

3. Learn to Cook Some New Ish

Cooking is easy, it’s shopping for a new recipe that’s difficult. Who honestly has the time in their everyday life to spend an hour at Whole Foods searching for Miso Powder? Well, over winter break, you’ve got all the time in the world, or that’s what it feels like anyway. Get your Pinterest fingers prepped and make some ridiculously good-looking cookies or some shit. Besides, your diet starts in January.

4. Make a Website/Portfolio

Okay, if you’re looking for a career as a doctor, maybe skip this one. But if you’re interested in working in any sort of creative field, make your own site via WordPress or Square Space to showcase your shit. It takes a bit of time to get everything together, possibly photograph things, and get your site looking right, but it’ll come in a huge handy when you start applying to internships or jobs.

5. Spruce Up Your Resume

Maybe you don’t need a job right this second, but wouldn’t it be nice if when a job did come up, your resume was already perfect? You’re probs home with lots of experienced adults who can do a once-over and make sure everything looks gucci. Plus, if you are possibly in the market for a new job, you can peruse online listings and see what’s good, since applying for new jobs is a job in itself.

6. Scrapbook

Your mom probably always tells you that you need to start printing out your pictures because “you’re going to lose them all from Facebook.” She might be right, and even if she’s not, scrapbooking is actually fun af and sort of therapeutic. Plus, you’ll be able to look back on all your dumb selfies one day and laugh.

7. Read a Book

Okay, reading a book is arguably not THAT productive. But like, you’re enriching your mind more than you would while watching TV, right? Plus books don’t ask you if you’re still watching every 30 minutes and make you feel like a huge failure.

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