7 of the craziest trends we saw at Miami Swim Week

Just when you thought swimwear trends couldn’t get any crazier, Funkshion Swim Week Miami happened.

Lots of the current over-the-top swim trends – from velvet bikinis to wedgie bottoms – reigned supreme, but some brands debuted even more ridic swim silhouettes and styles.

Will they rise to the top like the thong bikini bottom has in the past few years? Or will they just be another runway look that doesn’t translate to real life? Only time will tell.

In the mean time, here are some of the most extra pieces we spotted at Swim Week.

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1. Fishnet bikinis


Maaji Swim

If you’ve been up on your swimwear knowledge, you’ll remember that Agent Provocateur debuted a fishnet style bikini this year, but this look from Maaji, which was replicated on multiple models in different colorways, looks much more flattering. It also looks detachable, so if you’re trying to lay low at the beach one day rather than have an Instagram photoshoot, you can leave the fishnet crop top at home. Wonder if it’s water proof?

2. Overalls inspired


Blue Life Swim

Overalls are back in fashion for ready-to-wear, and multiple swimwear designers incorporated a dungarees-esque vibe into some of their runway looks. We kind of love this happy marriage because that one piece can double as a bodysuit with cute shorts for a daytime look, plus adjustable straps are never a bad thing.

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3. Lace-up bodices


Blue Life Swim

By this point, we’ve seen lace-up on everything from bikini tops to the legs of your denim – but this is another  level. It’s under boob, it’s a cut-out tummy design, and it’s lace-up. So many trends, so little time! It’s a bit cuckoo, but it’s actually pretty cute – just wear lots of sunscreen to avoid insane tan lines.

4. This wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen

Lolli Swim

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If you thought your micro-bikini didn’t leave enough potential for a wardrobe malfunction, try this Lolli Swim top on for size. Something tells me that this will only work on someone relatively flat-chested – unless you want to feel like Janet Jackson circa 2004.

5. This intense lace-up thang


For Love and Lemons

All sorts of one pieces are having a major moment right now, but the one pieces that have gained the most popularity are ones that are practically two-pieces, or manage to be even thottier than a two piece. We have a feeling we’d need help getting this on ourselves.

6. Fringe crochet shorts


Beach Bunny

Believe it or not, these crochet fringed shorts were seen at a couple shows during swim week. Does that mean it’ll be a trend for next season? Maybe, but probs with a top IRL.

7. Beater-inspired tops


Beach Bunny

Kylie Jenner really made wife beaters happen again! Ever since she rocked one at Coachella, other celebs have been following suit and tons of brands have been adding in wife beater ribbed fabric to their lines. This Beach Bunny suit is so ridic that it honestly works!

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