7 bad beauty trends that finally died in 2017

A new year means dropping bad habits and staying on the current wave right? With 2018 creeping up on us we need to talk about all the beauty trends that finally died this year to make sure you aren’t still doing them in the new year.

You might be shocked or even offended by this list if some of your favorite trends are on here, but it’s time to move on sis. If you feel like you can’t let go of your ways that’s cool but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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Eyebrow Microblading 

Eyebrow microblading easily became one of the most popular beauty trends in 2017. The fascination with thick and full eyebrows could be seen on almost all celebrities and beauty influencers, and for those who aren’t able to perfectly draw their brows on everyday or don’t have the time, this procedure seemed perfect.

But as quickly as microblading grew in popularity, professionals came out left and right warning consumers of what they’re really signing up for. This procedure is semi-permanent and not only is it expensive, but hurts like hell.

Also, most people shouldn’t even get this procedure done. If you have barely any brows, it might be worth it for you, like it was for our editor. But before you commit, read this to get the real deal info from an expert, but trust us when we say this trend is being left in 2017 for all but extreme cases.

Oval Brushes

Remember when all the beauty vloggers swore we were throwing out our brushes and beauty blenders for these guys?

Have you noticed how quickly they disappeared? Real Techniques just came out with their own set called “Blend and Blur” and is reasonably priced in comparison to the high end brand Artis, but either way these aren’t the must have items anymore and many of us have went back to our regular brush sets and sponges anyway.

Harsh contouring 

The over-contouring on your face and body is out. Earlier this year people were all over social media contouring abs and bigger boobs as well as making their cheek and nose contour super harsh.

In 2018, the trend is to have a soft and natural contour and absolutely no body contouring. With all the tutorials and kits to achieve a contour for your face shape and skin tone, there shouldn’t be anyone out here with super dark lines all over their face.

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Baking has been done for so many years, but thanks to social media, this trend has been overdone probably more than any trend.

Makeup baking is taking setting powder and leaving it on your face in designated areas (under eyes and under contour) for a few minutes, based on personal preference. The idea is that this works like kind of a matte highlight, bringing attention to your eyes and dimension to your cheeks.

The issue with baking is that people aren’t baking with the correct powder (translucent or one matching your skin tone), so when they “bake” they end up having a ghostly appearance which ruins the whole beat.

Instead of baking, now people are lightly pressing the power into their face, under their eyes, and/or leaving the setting powder under their contour for only a minute or two — however long it takes you to blend out your contour. Of course some people will always bake, but don’t expect it to be as huge of a trend as it was in 2017.

Over-lining lips 


When “Kylie Jenner lips” became a thing in 2016 and refused to let up, everyone was reaching for their lip liners to give the illusion of bigger lips.

At first, it worked — until everyone realized what was going on. Now, even makeup novices can spot over-lining from a mile away.

This look isn’t the vibe anymore. Over-lining your lips just looks crazy and people can tell easily. Really embracing wtf you got and looking bomb while doing so is the best way to do it.

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Weird brow art 

We are all for artists showing off their talents, but remember when the squiggle brows became a thing? Around September, everyone was pissed about this trend about how so many people swore this was going to be the new brow, but the masses were more annoyed than anything.

It turns out beauty “trends” like these are nothing more than social media stunts, no matter how much bloggers try to convince you they’re the real deal. Don’t trip, you won’t be seeing your girls with squiggle brows in the club but for those who think this is cool, don’t.

Silicone Sponges 

You probably forgot about this, but the silicone sponge is another beauty tool that was said to take the place of your brushes and beauty blenders this year.

On almost every site that sells this item, the reviews are low and hardly anyone recommends them. Many YouTubers reviewed these and places like Ulta still sell them today but when was the last time did your local MUA or favorite blogger use this product? So if you still have one of these laying around, don’t bother using them in 2018.

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