The highest rated makeup brush sets for under $100

With all the commotion dying down from Kylie Jenner’s allegedly overpriced brush set, we thought you all would love to get hip to high quality and popular brands for under $100.

In all honesty, true artistry lies in great technique so regardless if you are using $400 brushes or $10 ones, if you know how to properly apply your makeup, everything will come out bomb regardless.

It’s also the holiday season, so this can double as your guide to gift giving for the makeup lover in your life. Either way, you’re going to learn about the brush sets the online beauty community have been talking about and it’s not going to make you go broke af.

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Sephora Collection Brush Set

The Tools of the Trade Brush Set is one of the most popular sets sold at Sephora — so popular that it’s currently sold out online. With 4 out of 5 stars, this set is allegedly worth $160 but is being sold for $62. In this set you get eight brushes, which include a powder, contour, fan, blending shadow, precision shadow, smudge, angled liner brow comb and a travel roll. These brushes are cruelty free as well.

Moschino x Sephora Brush Set

This five-piece Moschino special edition brush set is one of the most wanted items right now in the beauty community. Originally launched a few months ago, Sephora has brought their collaboration back with Moschino online and the reviews are overall really high. You get 5fivebrushes, an all-over face brush, cheek brush, highlight brush, all-over shadow brush, and a crease brush. All brushes can be used with both wet and dry formulas as well.

IT Cosmetics Brushes for Ulta

Your Superheroes Full-Size Travel Brush Set has over 100 reviews on Ulta’s website and they’re all pretty high. At $50, this set includes six brushes (powder, foundation, concealer, shadow, liner/brow) and can be used on liquid or cream formula. They have a cute jewel detail and are light weight with soft bristles and comes with a cute travel storage case. Unfortunately, you can’t use any Ulta coupons or discounts when purchasing this set but for the price point, it’s a great set for beginners and doesn’t break the bank.

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Too Faced Brush Set 

If you have a friend who is super girly this Too Faced Teddy Bear set will be perfect for them. At $65, this set comes with 5 brushes (powder, contour,  all-over shadow brush, blender brush, liner brush) and a super cute  heart print bag with teddy bear zipper. What makes this set so dope is that Too Faced’s “teddy bear hair” feels just like soft and silky smooth hair of real animals without the cruelty involved in making traditional animal hair brushes. The bristles are said to be long-lasting and easy to clean, while minimizing the spread of bacteria.

Sigmax Precision Kit 

With a 4.9 rating, the Sigmax Precision Kit is currently on sale for $50, originally $72. This set is different from the previous mentioned on this list because they are all small enough to hit the precise points on your face. Included are a flat, round, angled, tapered and a flat angled brush. With all Sigma brushes you get a 2-year warranty, they’re cruelty free.

Feiya Makeup Brush Set

Don’t sleep on Amazon vendor brushes because the Feiya brand is pretty lit. In this set you get 11 high quality synthetic brushes and 4 goat hair brushes. This set includes an eyeshadow, blush, powder, concealer, eyeliner, blending, eyebrow, contour, shader and face shape brush. You can literally apply loose and pressed powder, cream and gel makeup products. What makes this even better is that the reviews are super in-depth and the kit is $19 with free shipping when you spend $25 on Amazon.

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Morphe Brush Set 686

Although you can’t see many reviews on the website, anyone who goes on YouTube is hip to Morphe brushes. This set in particular is their 18-piece vegan brush set, which has everything you need to complete a full face beat. For $49 you get a pointed liner, lip, smudger, angle liner, flat liner, mini concealer, small shadow, concealer, deluxe blending crease brush, oval shadow brush, deluxe shadow brush, angled blender brush, pointed foundation brush, contour, bronzer, angle blush, powder, deluxe fan brush and a black brush case. All those damn brushes I  just named and you don’t even spend more than $50, and of course they’re cruelty free.

BH Cosmetics Ultimate Brush Set 

BH Cosmetics Ultimate Brush set has 36 pieces that includes face, lips and eye brushes to complete a full face. If you aren’t familiar with BH, they are super affordable and great quality. There makeup is sold in Ulta and this brush set has over 1,000 reviews. They all have multifunctional use, are cruelty free and are professional quality. You can get this set from their website and it’s currently on sale for $20, normally $37, which is still a bomb deal.

E.L.F. Cosmetics Ultimate Brush Set 

If you’re shook at how much Kylie is charging for her new brush set, check out this E.L.F. brush set that everyone is recommending instead. This new collection is being talked about all over social media because of it’s sleek look, vegan hair bristles and can be used with liquid or powder products. E.L.F. is a great brand that is super cheap, and can be purchased online and at Target.

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