Turns out most people probably shouldn’t get their brows microbladed

There was once a time, not so long ago, when I got my eyebrows microbladed and promptly told everyone I know that they, too, should get their brows microbladed as soon as humanly possible, if not earlier. I even headlined my review “OMG Eyebrow Microblading Is the Best Thing I’ve Ever Done”!

And honestly, I don’t regret having my brows microbladed. But the truth is, most people should not get this procedure done. It’s not the harmless brow boost it seems like.

According to Sebastian Latiolais, a brow guru we visited in NYC last week, microblading should really only be done in the most extreme of circumstances.

See, when you microblade your brows, you’re creating little cuts in the skin where the semipermanent brow dye will be deposited. These cuts can actually damage your hair follicle. This could lead to major issues with hair growth — as in, you won’t have any. Yikes.

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So Sebastian says that only some people should use microblading. Those people include those with thyroid problems, whose brow tails can fall out, and people who have chicken pox scars on their brows. Yes, Sebastian told me that chicken pox scars can cause permanent brow damage!

Brow technicians tend to over-prescribe microblading, Sebastian said, both because it’s the new craze and because they’re too impatient to wait for over-groomed brows to grow back. A better solution is for you to wait for your real brows to grow in, then sculpt them from there. If you jump the gun and microblade, then there’s a chance that after the ink fades in two years, you’ll be left with no brow hair at all.

Now, this isn’t really an issue for people like me — my brows are white-blonde and pretty much tail-less. I’ll probably keep microblading forever, because there’s no chance that I’ll ever have enough brows to go without it.

But if you’re looking to microblade as a remedy for too much waxing, plucking or threading, consider yourself warned.

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