5 Ways To Bring Shark Week Into The Bedroom

1. Employ Some Creative Role-play

How many times have you done the whole teacher-student or doctor-patient role- play? Can you say boring? Why don’t you finally put that left-shark costume you bought after the Super bowl to good use? If you’re not into the idea of bestiality, how about your man plays lifeguard and you play damsel in the distress? The waves may have swept away your bikini top…

2. Can You Say Biting?

I don’t care what my relatives or my boss says, love-marks are fun. What better way to remember you had awesome sex last night than looking in the mirror and finding a bite mark on your neck? Let your animal instinct out and bare some teeth next time you are getting freaky (just not while giving head, please). Try biting your man’s ear or his nipples, I don’t think the Jaws music will be necessary.

3. Make A New Game

You know how people make drinking games surrounding Shark Week? Why don’t you and your significant other make a sex game? How about every shark attack he goes down on you and every commercial break you give him a strip tease? Sounds like a much more entertaining way to watch TV if you ask me…

4. Get Wet

No, not down there (although that should be happening regardless). I mean really, get wet. While the idea of shower sex has been beaten with a dead horse, that’s not to say there aren’t plenty of things you haven’t tried. If you’re lucky enough to have access to a private hot tub or pool, you can get as crazy as you like (try this pool sex position). If all you’ve got is a hose in your back yard, or even just a shower…I’m sure you can get creative.

5. Fear Factor

Why do we love watching scary movies so much? Because we like losing control and allowing ourselves to be afraid. Play with this idea in the bedroom. Something about feeling helpless (with a safe partner) is incredibly sexy. Sense deprivation in combination with getting tied up might make you feel like a victim…that is until you have an earth-shattering orgasm.

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