13 Thoughts Every Girl Had During Super Bowl XLIX

1. Oh good, back to the game, now I can text.

The ironic thing about the Super Bowl is that we pay more attention during the commercials than to the actual game. After all, we don’t want to miss the one commercial that everyone is going to be talking about tomorrow, that would be tradge.

2. This song is awesome.

Hey, I may not have any idea what the announcer is really discussing, but ‘My Own Worst Enemy’ by Lit really is a good song for some football!


I can get free food without having to date that loser from Tinder? Can I pay my rent with love too?!


4. Why can’t I sing like that.. and dance like that.. and look like that?!

Life really isn’t fair sometimes. Instead of  “waking up in Vegas” how about we just wake up as Katy Perry tomorrow morning? Preferably with her full wardrobe as well (Thanks Jeremy Scott)

5. Calories don’t count on Super Bowl right?

*as you gracefully lick every single drop of buffalo sauce off of your fingers*

6. Oh, I know that guy!

I remember reading about him in Galore’s list of sexiest football players! I think that’s him under the helmet?

7. Who’s that guy?!

#Withdad?! Yeah I’ll do anything with that DILF


8. Damn.. look how big his hands are..

Adds “Date more football players” to “to do” list

9. Well that was a waste of $40 million…

I’m sorry, who on earth approved that ad?!

10. Christina AND Britney.. f*** yeah!

Our 90’s hearts are happy betches.

11. Edelman is apparently as good as football as he is sexy.

Will someone on the Patriots date me? Please?



12. We can also take the job of squirting water into Tom Brady’s mouth.

Tell me I wasn’t the only one who saw that.. and simultaneously got sexually aroused.

13. I volunteer as tribute to be in the middle of this brawl!

We weren’t kidding when we said we liked it rough?


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