28 Black Women Who Slayed History

This Black History month, we celebrated a number of incredible black women who all contributed something great to today’s world. As the month comes to a close, we wanted you to take a look back at all the wonder these amazing women have bestowed on us.  

Feb. 1: Ida B. Wells

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Feb. 2: Shirley Chisholm


Feb. 3: Diane Nash


Feb. 4: Beverly Johnson


Feb. 5: Grace Jones


Feb. 6: Laverne Cox

Feb. 7: Angela Davis

Feb. 8: Dorothy Vaughn


Feb. 9: Shonda Rhimes 


Feb. 10: Rebecca Lee Crumpler 

Feb. 11: Audre Lorde 

Feb. 12: Janet Mock

Feb. 13: Billie Holiday

Feb. 14: Oprah Winfrey

Feb. 15: Michelle Obama

Feb. 16: Katherine Johnson

Feb. 17: Rosa Parks

Feb. 18: Naomi Campbell

Feb. 19: Eartha Kitt

Feb. 20: Maya Angelou

Feb. 21: Pam Grier

Feb. 22: Zora Neale Hurston

Feb. 23: Nikki Giovanni

Feb. 24: Toni Morrison

Feb. 25: Josephine Baker

Feb. 26: Lena Horne

Feb. 27: Christina Jenkins

Feb. 28: Althea Gibson


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