18 Bizarre Tweets Ivanka Trump Actually Wrote

After years of being a golden child of New York society, Ivanka Trump has — deservedly — fallen on hard times.

But you know one thing the world will never be able to take away from her?

Her innate ability to compose 140 character snap shots of her life that will make you type out the acronyms “LOL,” “WTF,” and “SMDH” with equal frequency.

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Clearly, she takes after her father in that way. And her step-mother.

Come to think of it, do you think there’s something in the water at Trump Tower or does Donald just make the most prized members of his fam take the same media training course?

Anyway, here’s a handful of Ivanka’s that tickled my funny bone on this blustery February morning.

May they warm your heart as well.

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TBH, been there Ivanka.

Must be nice, girl.


What a jokester! If only her father’s presidency was also just a joke.

Better not let Starbucks know you’re cheating on them bb. They might take a public stand in favor of immigrants, or something. Oh, wait. They already did.

See what your Tweets are costing your father, Ivanka?

Just wait til he finds out.

No more sitting in on phone calls with foreign leaders you don’t have security access to be talking to!


One thing I learned from reading through Ivanka’s old tweets is that she’s a major film buff.


Of course the one she didn’t like was the one all about women.

You’re so your father’s daughter.

You do know Jared can see your Twitter feed, right?


I never thought I’d say this but, thanks, Ivanka!

Me too! Oh my god, you’re actually starting to seem relatable to me.

And just in case you’re concerned about the veracity of these tweets, Ivanka’s heard your concerns and issued the following statement:

Phew. I can rest easy tonight.

Or, at least I can until your father starts a Twitter war with North Korea that turns into an actual war.


What a time to be alive.

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