The 14 Coolest Things To Do In Bali

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And now, model/DJ GG Magree‘s guide to Bali…

Bali is dope because to me it has the perfect balance of everything. You can work out with some of the best trainers, surf some of the best waves, do yoga with amazing instructors, eat like a QUEEN and the best part is that it’s cheap. Bali to me is the definition of Paradise, not to mention the locals are all so lovely. I love the way of life there!

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1. Nalu Bowls

Nalu bowls are these amazing smoothie bowls filled with super food, fruit and topped with granola. They’re probs my fav thing in the entire world. As soon as I wake up I jump on my scooter and head straight there.


2. Tequila Drinking At Mexicola

Always such a good vibe there, best place to start a big night or to hit before I play a show. You walk in sober and leave JOLLY 🙂 Not to mention table dancing is encouraged and the managers/bar staff do rounds of pouring tequila down people’s throats which is always fun.


3. Massages At Body Works

THIS IS HEAVEN ~ You walk into private rooms and they use the best lavender massage oil, so relaxing!


4. Vintage Shopping At The Frog Tree Markets 

Best to wake up super early to go to these. They do a fresh shipment every Monday. You can find everything from vintage Levi mum jeans to dope af Tommy Hilfiger.

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5. Sunset drinks at Old Mans

One of the prettiest sunset drink spots, Sundays they have some pretty dope Dj’s also.

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6. Friday night skate boarding at Pretty Poison

Super super dope spot to kick it with your homies, listen to dope hip hop and watch boys skateboard. What more can you really ask for!


7. Lunch at La Lucciola

It’s more on the expensive side of Bali but its worth it! They do amazing breakfast, lunch and dinner and the view is insane your basically eating on the beach. My fav is always the fish 🙂

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8. Surfing at Canggu

Canggu is dope because its close to where I usually stay and its always a fun vibe. I’m not the best at surfing but I love grabbing a longboard and having some fun. You can rent boards at the beach for about $5.


9. Yoga in Ubwood

SOOOOO RELAXING! Last time I was there I stayed in this amazing resort and we slept in a tree house it was insane called Bambu Indah.


10. Kick boxing in at Seminyak Boxing Gym

Great way to stay fit. However, I always go super early in the morning like 6 a.m. and train with a personal trainer for about $20 a session as it gets soooooo HOT after about 8 a.m.

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11. Dinner at Sarong

AMAZING AMAZING Asian-influenced food. More on the expensive side and you have to book! But the calamari here is off the chain!


12. Indonesian Food at Warung Murah, Seminyak Oberoi

Vegetarian cheap Indo food! Super famous place to grab a quick easy Indo bite.


13. Getting Corn rows on the beach in Cungu

Takes about an hour and lasts about 2 weeks! I LOVE THESE!

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