These zodiac roasts might be the most brutal thing you read on the internet all day

As much as we may like to say that when it comes to the zodiac there are some signs that are 100% the worst, let’s face it, we all have our faults.

Leos are so prone to jealousy they might as well not be allowed to interact with the outside world, Scorpios can’t open up to people but then get pissy when people don’t “understand them,” and Aries are so mean they literally can’t understand why you’re acting butthurt after they blatantly insult you.

And the list could — and does — go on and on.

Even though astrology posts tend to skew aspirational, there’s a new zodiac trend emerging on Tumblr right now: zodiac roasting.

And don’t worry, nobody’s ass gets spared.

Here are some of our favorites.

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The ever-so-blunt “Why your sign sucks”

Get ready for some tough love.

The classic one-liner punch

These are all GREAT one-liners to pull out in a fight. Study this list closely.

The lazy tell off

Sometimes you say it best when you say next to nothing at all.

Also, the phrase “social slut” will haunt me forever.

The savage tell-off

Any roast that includes the phrase “got that annoying face that everyone wants to punch for some reason” is doing just fine.

The short and sweet

Okay so this last one was less of a roast and more of just a quick lowercase lol to end things on, but hey, you went through a lot of verbal abuse just now. You deserve a break.

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