Zendaya admitted “drink more water” is BS beauty advice

We’ll listen to Zendaya about pretty much everything from weave maintenance to rocking a mullet to looking good in green to body-shaming to yes, beauty tips.

She’s just got a really no-BS way about her — her quotes are never made up of the typical “live, laugh, love” clichés that won’t actually improve anyone’s life (or skin).

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So it’s no surprise that she showed up every celeb who lies and says their “best beauty tip is water” in a new interview with W magazine. The fashion mag asked Zendaya which beauty myth she’d like to debunk, and here’s what she had to say:

Just “drinking more water” does not replace a skincare routine. It’s good for you no doubt, but it will not make all your blemishes disappear overnight, especially for those with problem skin.

Most celebrities take the opposite approach — they swear up and down that the biggest game-changer in their regimen is drinking eight glasses of water a day.

Well, guess what? Most of those people are using the priciest skin creams and serums on the planet, not to mention some possible surgical enhancements. It’s nice that our former cover girl Zendaya can be honest about putting actual effort into her skincare routine.

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