Zendaya Schooled Us on How to Look Good in Green

In December of 2016, Pantone revealed what the new color of the year was going to be, and we were immediately flabbergasted and flummoxed at the zesty yellow-green shade they called “greenery.” We thought was better suited by the nickname “vomit.”

To say it’s kind of hideous is an understatement.

Green is already a hard color to pull off, but to pull off “greenery” you basically have to be Rihanna – and even she’s over trying to make it work.

We anticipated a lot of failed celebrity attempts at pulling this color off, but last night at the MTV Movie & TV Awards, Zendaya proved she was up for the challenge.

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Wearing a heavily adorned, tastefully plunging maxi dress, Zendaya bravely walked in Rihanna’s footsteps and lived to tell the tale.

I think green is my new power color 🍏 @covergirl

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So good for Zendaya.

As @X_anitam said, “You literally slay everything and I mean EVERYTHING.”

TBH that statement is probably a little overblown until Zendaya starts hitting the red carpet in nonsense reality TV competition show items like trash bags and cotton candy, but we get it.

We still say green isn’t for everybody, but if this emboldens you to go to Forever 21 or wherever you try out trends, don’t be afraid to live your life.

If Zendaya can do it, you can at least go to the store and try some stuff on until you figure your shade.

[H/T Teen Vogue]

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