Zendaya Reveals Her Biggest Beauty Secrets, Eyebrow Pointers Included

“To me, a beauty icon is someone who does their own thing and isn’t afraid to do it,” Zendaya Coleman told me. If we know one thing about the starlet, it’s that she’s not afraid of anything. From standing up for what she believes in to living as a role model for young people everywhere, Zendaya’s fearless, especially with her style. Like Rihanna, despite her ever-changing get ups, Zendaya proves to have mastered her aesthetic no matter what her hair, makeup or outfit looks like. She’s somebody who can pull of any look, she’s somebody we search for on the red carpet and she’s a beauty icon who gives great advice. Zendaya reveals how she keeps her hair healthy, award show worthy makeup tips and her biggest skincare secret.

Galore Mag Zendaya

Biggest makeup tip you’ve learned from getting your makeup done a million times?

Honestly, I’ve learned a lot about red carpet makeup. For me, I’ve had the worst experiences with makeup. If he [Allan Avendano] can’t do it, I’ll just do it myself. It takes a while to figure it all out, but I’ve learned a lot from seeing photos of myself. There are times I think my face is too shiny or I wish I glowed a little more. I like makeup, but not because I feel like I need it. I actually don’t really like wearing makeup on a daily basis, but when I do wear makeup it’s fun! I’m like, ‘Yes! My eyebrows are on fleek.’ It’s fun for me to play with colors or contour. I just wear makeup for myself to feel good. I feel like a lot of girls do it for themselves. It’s about enhancing what you have anyway, and that’s what it’s supposed to be about.

What’s your skincare regimen?

It’s to leave my skin alone. I don’t like to use too much. I’ll do some exfoliation, but I have sensitive skin so I can’t use a gazillion products. For me, it’s all about moisturizing my skin.

How do you keep your hair healthy?

I don’t put heat on it! I wear wigs or clip ins. I try not to put my hair under too much pressure as much as possible just so like…I have hair [LAUGHS].

I feel like girls are always scared to try a wig! What can you recommend?

It’s true! People are scared to! You have to get a good wig, obviously. I’d say watch some Youtube tutorials. If you leave a little hair in the front and get a color match then you’re good to go and will save your hair from a lot of damage. Also, I think studying heatless styles like a braid or twist is important. That’s for everyone no matter who you are. Finding a hairstyle that’s easy and doesn’t require heat is extremely important. I always go to a top knot or braids or something really simple like that.

What’s the ‘eyebrows on fleek’ secret?

Let them grow and leave them alone! I have one person that I let touch my eyebrows and she’s amazing. I just like to keep them natural looking and full.

Since this whole shoot was inspired by 90s glamour, are there any supermodels you take beauty inspiration from?

Yes, Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell. I just like that 90s era overall.

Photos by Prince + Jacob.

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