The Real Reason Zendaya Rocked A Mullet At The Grammys

Zendaya has a long history of taking risks with fashion, but last night she surprised us all by showing up to the Grammy Awards wearing a stunningly tailored tuxedo jacket, a pair of wide legged pants, and a mullet.

That’s right: a mullet. Not since JC Chasez’s failed solo career have we seen one of these in the flesh north of West Virginia!

Obviously, we wanted — no, needed to get to the bottom of this.



Before the night’s festivities began, Zendaya took a moment to answer some questions for MTV. As soon as the topic of her surprising hairstyle came up, Zendaya didn’t even pause for a moment before coolly replying, “I was like, ‘you know what? I don’t think anybody on the red carpet tonight is gonna have a mullet.’ So I decided I’d do it.”

That was a pretty safe bet, and it definitely panned out: no one else on the red carpet had a mullet.

And if you thought the whole outfit, mullet and all, might have been a tribute to David Bowie’s Thin White Duke persona, you were right. When MTV asked Zendaya about the Bowie vibes, she nodded and said this:

“Anything when it comes to fashion, for me, I am definitely inspired by past things and taking past things and doing it in my own way.”

While we applaud Zendaya for unapologetically doing her own thing, here’s hoping she didn’t just start 2016’s most cringe-worthy hairstyle trend. There’s only so much we mullet we can handle.

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