YouTuber Lia Marie Johnson Writes A Personal Song with “DNA”

Though Lia Marie Johnson may best be known for being one of the Top 100 YouTubers in the world and acting roles in series like “React”, she’s taking us deeper into her world with a new music career.

After being signed to record label giant Capitol Records, Lia Marie posted this adorable video to her YouTube channel about the day that she got signed.

Her new tune called “DNA” is a deeply personal song about her father’s battle with alcoholism – something that many people have experienced or can relate to. When Lia wrote the song she says, “I started getting really emotional and at the end of explaining my life story I said [to my co-writers], ‘but I guess you can’t stop DNA’ we all looked at each other and everything clicked.”

The song features eerily bare piano, moves us forward with the driving beat of a melodic chorus, showcases Lia’s vulnerable vocals and finishes with a beautiful crescendo of strings — making for an emotional, but well-worth it, roller coaster ride of a song.

Check out the really great song below, and our Q&A with Lia Marie below!



Tell us your full name, any cute nickname(s), and a favorite quote/or mantra?

Lia Marie Johnson. My mom used to call me bubba when I was little. My favorite quote is “You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars. You have a right to be here.” Part of it is actually tattooed on my body.

Tell us more about what inspired you to write “DNA” and what the song means to you.

I didn’t expect to write “DNA” when I went into the studio that day. It was something I had wanted to talk about for a while, but I wasn’t sure how to get it across it the right way. The song means so much to me, it’s definitely the most personal song that’s going to be on the album.

If  “DNA” were on a movie soundtrack, in what film do you think it would fit best?

DNA actually is in the movie soundtrack for a film I did called The Thinning. It’s in the credits, but i think it would be funny and overly dramatic if it was playing during an action scene.

Any advice for others who might be dealing with a loved one with similar problems? (Alcoholism, addiction, etc.)

I wish I was the right person to ask, but I’m still dealing with a lot of it myself. I guess I would say that there are people out there who have similar situations and I’m actually realizing that now when I see comments online from people that relate to the song.

Who are some of your influences?

I’m influenced by almost all music, but my favorite artists are Lana Del Rey, Frank Ocean, The Weeknd, and a lot of rap artists.

Describe your sound to us!

I would say my sound can be described as a combination of ‘songs you’d hear at a music festival’ and ‘sexy nostalgia’

Who else are you listening to right now?

I’m listening to a lot of classic rock at the moment and of course, Frank Ocean’s new album.

If you could play an acoustic show with cover songs, what song would you like to take a crack at?

I’ve always wanted to do a cover of The Rain Song by Led Zeppelin.

Since you have built a huge following through social media, which of the outlets (Instagram, Snapchat, etc.) are your favorites to connect with fans?

My favorite platform is Instagram but I feel the best way to connect with my fans is via Twitter.

You are also an accomplished actress — what roles have been your favorite thus far? And what kind of role would you hope to play someday?

My favorite role that I’ve played would probably be Hailey in T@gged. Before I even auditioned as Hailey I was hooked to the script and the character.

What is your current go to concert outfit?

I am not a fashion expert, but sometimes I like to wear shorts, a t-shirt, cowboy boots, and a cool jacket. I have the same backpack from like a year ago. Oh, and I also love a good sundress.

Who’s your celebrity crush?

Marilyn Monroe

What do you hope to accomplish this year with your music?

I hope to finish the album around January, and hopefully be on tour around this time next year.

What is the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you while on tour or while performing?

I haven’t done much touring or performing, but I’m always embarrassing. I’ll probably trip or fall a couple times when I start performing more.

When can we expect to hear a full album from you?

Yeah, I’m hoping it’ll be early next year but I’m taking my time to make sure the album is perfect.

How Can we stalk you? 

Snapchat: Lia

Everything else: Liamariejohnson

Photo credit: Max Fairclough

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