Young Miko is a strong emerging voice in the Puerto Rican rap scene. The 24 year old “Puerto Rican Mami” hasn’t been making music for long, but with the recent release of her first EP “Trap Kitty” she generated enough buzz to get her on stage with Bad Bunny at his tour kickoff concert in Puerto Rico’s Choliseo last week. “Kitty” is my way of describing a woman who does not seek help from anyone, who does everything herself, a “joseadora”. “TRAP KITTY” for me is a statement. It is a lifestyle, a mentality and an attitude,” says Young Miko on her recent release. Lastly, the singer stressed that, with this production, she provides “a space for my fans to get to know me better, and I feel that many people will be able to identify with my music and proposal.” We got to talk to Young Miko about being a queer woman in the Latin music scene, stepping out of her comfort zone and her celeb crush! Young Miko’s career may just be beginning to take off, but she is already helping drive forward LGBTQIA+ Latinx representation in the music industry.

Sign: Scorpio
Age: 24
How did you begin your music career?

It wasn’t up until 2016 that I started making friends that were involved in the music industry. It opened up a lot of doors for me that eventually led me to leaving my fears behind and chasing after what I always dreamed of.
What drove you to make rap music?

Music has always been very present in my life, especially rap music. I grew up on it and have always gravitated towards, it comes natural to me.

Tell us about new EP trap kitty.

Trap Kitty is my latest work, my debut EP and it’s been receiving a lot of love and support which I’m so happy for. We put everything into the project and had so much fun creating it, so releasing it was definitely something special for us.

How do you feel after the performance with bad bunny, and how did that come about?

I feel grateful and motivated to keep growing and releasing more music! Everything came about in the silliest way; we just received a call from Noah (Bad Bunny’s manager) that they wanted us to come sing Riri at his concert and ofcourse we couldn’t say no, haha.

What’s been your experience being an openly queer rapper in a straight male dominated industry?

Luckily I’ve received a lot of support and acceptance as well as hard times but that’s nothing new to me. It motivates me to keep going and giving my community a voice.

What has been the most surreal moment of your career up until now?

Definitely being on stage in the Choliseo with Bad Bunny in front of 20,000 people. That was a moment I’ll keep with me forever.

Any collabs you would love to do?

There are a lot of talented artists I can’t wait to work with such as Bia, Bizarrap, Karol G and more.

 Tell us about your experience doing this shoot.

Doing this shoot was definitely stepping out of my comfort zone but I would do it again! If we don’t step out of our box we don’t grow.

How would you describe your personal style. And what are some of your wardrobe essentials?

My personal style is very urban and inspired by mostly women. I always look up to Lauryn Hill and Gwen Steffani. A wardrobe essential would be my sneakers. I usually start my outfits depending on what shoes I wanna wear.

Tell us your beauty/skincare routine.

With my skin care I don’t do a lot but I wear my Cera Ve sunblock every morning, I wash my face with cold water and exfoliate

Who is your celeb crush?

Hailee Steinfeld 😍

Last song you listened to?

14. Freaky by D-Alexis, Moffa and Rafa Pabón

Favorite snack?

Anything chocolate

Photography and Creative Direction: Jacob DeKat

Stylist: Stephanee Santamaria

Make Up: Victor Vazquez

Hair: Trenzas by Shorty

Location: La Disquera

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