Why You Should Never Treat Sex Like a Reward For Your Boyfriend

The only reason a woman should have sex is because she wants to.

Sure, there may be a few exceptions, like if your boyfriend of four years had a really bad day and you really want to cheer him up. Or if you’re trying to get rid of period cramps and want to see if sex actually helps. But otherwise, you should only be having sex because you are fucking horny.

Science agrees, too. In fact, if you’re viewing sex as something you “have” to do, you’re very unlikely to enjoy it.

A study found that when couples were told to have more sex, it made them unhappy and they enjoyed it less.

It’s kinda like that one time you really thought you liked ice cream until you spent an entire summer scooping ice cream for little whining kids at the beach. Come September, the thought of ice cream made you shudder as painful memories of chubby kids screaming “chocolate!” came to mind.

Sure, hopefully no instance of you having sex will be as bad as your worst summer job, but it’s still proof that you should never feel like you “have to” have sex.

If you feel like you haven’t been in the mood or enjoying sex as much lately, take a step back and consider if you’re viewing sex as something that needs to be done. Once you take the pressure off of yourself (and your partner) it can help make sex fun again.

And if you’re dealing with an issue of un-matched sex drives with your bae, all it takes is a little communication and creativity, check out these tips.

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