11 Celebs Who Had Normal Summer Jobs

People are losing their minds over the fact that Sasha Obama got a job. The youngest of the President’s daughters snagged a gig at seafood shack in Martha’s Vineyard called Nancy’s, which is one of the First Family’s fave spots according to the Boston Herald.

Maybe she got the job to prove she’s like everyone else? Because all celebs really are just like us, no matter how famous.

So we put this list together as a reminder that celebrities are in fact humans and all had summer jobs at one point.

1. Carly Rae Jepsen — Coffee Barista

Carly told Elvis Duran that while she was working on building her career that she was a barista, waitress, baby-sitter, and many other things. I wonder if she ever left any notes for customers with “Call Me Maybe” on it?

2. Beyoncé — Hair Sweeper

Sasha Fierce spent the summers sweeping up the hair off the floor from her mom’s salon to make extra cash according to Shape. Modest af. Now she’s currently sweeping the floor with Becky with the good hair.

3. Amy Adams — Hooters Girl

GIRLY! Who would have thought that this Oscar nominee worked at Hooters to save money to buy a car when she was 18? She left after making enough to buy a used Chevrolet, says People Magazine, which almost sounds a little too “good ol’ American rags to riches tale” to be true…

4. Gwen Stefani — Dairy Queen

Gwen and her brother actually met one of the other “No Doubt” members while working at DQ, according to Mental Floss. I wonder if she ever thought while making a banana split, “this shit is bananas.” We can only hope.

5. Madonna — Dunkin’ Donuts

Madonna worked at Dunkin’ Donuts in Times Square but according to Shape was reportedly fired for squirting jelly on customers. 

6. Rachel McAdams — McDonalds

Before the “Mean Girls,” Rachel McAdams worked at Mickey D’s. She told Glamour that one day she broke the orange juice machine. Not fetch.

7. Ellen DeGeneres — JC Penney

Before doing commercials and being their spokesperson, Ellen actually worked at a JC Penney’s store in her hometown in Louisiana, according to Glamour.

8. Oprah Winfrey — Grocery Store

Oprah worked at a grocery store right next to her dad’s barber shop in Nashville, and according to her website, she hated it because she couldn’t talk to the customers. Or was it because she couldn’t eat all the bread?

9. Amy Poehler — Ice Cream Scooper

The summer before college, Amy scooped ice cream at a New York shop called Chadwick’s, which she calls “one of those fake old-timey restaurants,” according to NY Mag. She says the experience made her question herself as an actress, but thank god it didn’t. Idk where I’d be without Leslie Knope.

10. Hillary Clinton — Gut Scooper

Before attending Yale Law School, Hill got a job at an Alaskan fish-processing plant scooping out fish guts, and according to the Daily Caller, she was fired after a week tho. Was she using a private server? 

11. Lady Gaga — Waitress  

Before the Fame Monster actually got famous, she was waitressing at a Greek restaurant in New York while starting her music career, according to Seventeen Magazine.

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