XYLØ Came Out With An Acoustic Version of EDM Hit “I Still Wait For You”

Relationships are a lot like that famous Charles Dickens line. They’re the best of times, and they’re the worst of times.

When they’re good they’re all that matters, but when they go sour, they’ll fuck up your life.

And XYLØ, made up of songwriter-drummer Chase Duddy and singer-songwriter Paige Duddy, know about this truth all too well.

Their latest single, “I Still Wait For You,” is about a relationship that may have technically run its course, but still keeps them up late at night wondering, “why can’t we fucking get along?”

And today, XYLØ is releasing an acoustic version of the song with a stripped down video to match.

Trust us, you’ll hear the lyrics in a whole new way.

Check out the premiere of the acoustic version of “I Still Wait For You” below.

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