When discussing the top young women in professional soccer right now, you can’t fail to mention Trinity Rodman. Yes, that Rodman. At only 21 years old, Trinity has managed to become one of the top athletes in her field and she’s just getting started. We sat down with the decorated athlete to talk about her passion for soccer, what she likes to do in her down time and everything in between!


You currently play professional soccer for the Washington Spirit and have done exceptionally well on this team. What made you gain an interest in soccer?  

I started showing an interest in sports at a very young age. My mom encouraged my brother DJ and I to try any sport we wanted – so we did. I played basketball, volleyball, track but soccer stuck. At four, I started playing soccer and it was love ever since. My mom said even when I was younger, I was a fierce competitor and would put my entire heart on the field. I was focused on scoring and would get upset when my teammates didn’t take the game as seriously as I did. At 10, I was playing for the SoCal Blues in Southern California.  

 During your first year playing professionally you made history by becoming the youngest American goal scorer in the NWSL. Take us back to the day this happened, how did it make you feel? How did you celebrate?  

Playing at the professional level had been my biggest dream for as long as I can remember. As a kid when I was asked, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” – my answer was always, “a professional soccer player.” So, when I finally got the chance to compete at this level, I was the most focused I’d ever been in my life. It was my first pro game, so I was focused on showing that I was meant to be here and play at this level. Once I scored, it was the best feeling ever. It was surreal. A great “welcome to the league” moment for me.  

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 How have you not gotten tired of playing soccer when it’s been a part of your life since you were 4 years old? How do you keep the spark going with soccer and what do you do with your time when you need a break from it all?  

Soccer feels like home to me. It’s been a part of my life for so long and I feel at ease on the field. The environment is so intense, it’s all I want to do. Being around my teammates, coaches and the fans – I love it. Being on the field fuels me to improve, train harder, play better every day. It’s a feeling unlike any other.  

You are one of the highest paid athletes in the National Women’s Soccer League currently which is a major accomplishment. What advice do you have to anyone looking to follow in your footsteps as a professional soccer player looking to make this a financially stable career?  

There are incredible possibilities in this world, and you cannot be afraid to go after what you believe you deserve. You must push for it. When I first got the contract, it was tough for me to process that I was the one to break the mold. Not because I didn’t believe I deserved it, but knowing there were so many greats before me who also deserved this. However, you must have the mindset that you want to be the best. You have to find your drive to push through adversity and work hard. No one else can motivate you; you must want it yourself. 

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Last summer you participated in your first FIFA Women’s World Cup. What was this experience like?  

The World Cup is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. The national team has the best of the best, some of which have been playing together for over 10 years. Everyone played with such grit and relentlessness – the intensity could be felt. Was our outcome disappointing? Yes, but it was a learning experience for me. There’s so much talent here. As a young player, it’s important to remain true to myself and play into my strengths to support the team.  

As an athlete I’m sure you feel the wins as strongly as you feel the losses. What advice do you have for any athlete reading this that struggles overcoming heavy defeats and the pressures of succeeding as often as possible?  

To be successful, you must digest the defeats. Learning how to truly reflect on things is so important. If you never reflect on the defeats, you won’t learn – you’re going to keep repeating the same mistakes because you aren’t allowing yourself time to process how to fix it. Also making sure your mindset is strong, this isn’t the moment for pity or self-doubt. You must remain confident in your abilities to compete and improve. Remember you deserve to be here and trust in your abilities to be a skillful, talented force on the field.  

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There is a big chance that you might be competing in this summer’s Olympics in Paris. What do you look forward to the most about the chance to compete in the Olympics?  

The Summer Olympics gives the US Women’s National Team another great opportunity. I think after the World Cup, we are all eager to showcase the talent we have here on this team. If awarded the opportunity to compete in the Olympics, I look forward to being out on the field with my teammates again and showing everyone what we are capable of!  

When you’re in the off-season what are a few things you’re doing for fun? What does an average self-care day look like for you?  

Being able to relax outside of my phone or social media is important to me. I’m always looking for entertainment and ways to distract myself for fun. Rather that’s drawing or painting art – which I love. Coloring in a coloring book. Playing Fortnite with my brother. I started playing pickleball recently, which is really fun! 

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You have a deep love for tattoos and so do many of your family members! How many tattoos do you have, and which one is your absolute favorite and why?  

I have five tattoos total. My absolute favorite is the tulip on my hand. It was inspired by the relationship between my mom and her brother. They were close growing up, and he would always pick that flower for her. Their relationship reflects mine and my brothers like a mirror. So, the tulip really reflects how much love there is between siblings in my family.  

 So many people have recently discovered how much money can be made in the gaming industry. As a gamer yourself, do you play for fun, or do you make money from streaming yourself play? If not, would you ever consider it?  

I do love to game, but I don’t know if I should classify myself as a gamer yet. Me and my brother DJ grew up playing against each other. We’re naturally so competitive, so of course the same applies to video games. I like to play Fortnight and sometimes I play 2K, but it’s all for jokes and fun. 

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What is something creative you do that you have a deep passion for to express yourself? How did you fall in love with it and what do you love most about it?  

I really like art – painting, sketching, drawing. It’s a way to express myself without using words. It’s sometimes tough to devote a lot of time to it but when I can, I love to sketch images out. I’ve taken art classes and I used to travel with a sketch pad where I would draw anything that came to mind like animals, figures, people, whatever I wanted. One time on a visit to my sister’s, I painted a giant giraffe on my nephew’s bedroom wall. I only had two hours before I needed to go to the airport, but she had mentioned she was going to hire a painter and I thought – I can do that for free.  

What’s a perfect date night?  

Anything but the movies! 

Lip gloss or mascara?  

Lip Gloss.  

Pizza or Chicken wings?  

Chicken Wings 

Hip Hop or R & B?  


West Coast or East Coast?  

East Coast  

Favorite place to vacation?  


What song do you listen to every gameday?  

Go Crazy! 

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What’s next for Trinity Rodman? What do you hope to accomplish this year?  

My eyes are on the Olympics. Making the roster and winning. That’s what’s on my radar. But when it comes to goals and crossing things off on a list, I try to avoid that. I don’t necessarily set goals for myself; I just want to improve everywhere and be the best I can be.


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