Who Will Be the First Celeb to Free the Nipple at Tonight’s Met Gala?

The 2016 Met Gala is taking place tonight and we’re putting money on the fact that lots of visible nips will be in attendance.

The fashion world at large has been down with exposed nipples for pretty much ever, but they usually leave it to relatively anonymous models. Famous fashion and entertainment types are usually too skittish to actually turn up on a red carpet with the girls exposed.

In the case of the Met Ball, the lack of nips is probably due to a fear that notoriously conservative host Anna Wintour won’t invite them back.

We have a hunch, though, that this year will be different. Last year, Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, and J.Lo’s sheer dresses ruled the red carpet and no one was scandalized. Plus, Solange attacked Jay Z in an elevator two years ago post-Met Ball and still managed to finagle an invite the next year. Clearly, Anna Wintour’s not as stuffy as people thought she was.

Which brings us to our point: some celeb will undoubtedly flout convention and turn up with her nips at full salute this Met Ball. We can just feel it in the air! Not only are nipples really hot right now, but it would be the perfect attention-grabbing power move since the whole thing’s being televised for the first time ever.

So here are a few contenders…

1. Rihanna

As previously mentioned, Rihanna already appeared at the CFDA awards in a sheer dress. She also let the nips fly on the cover of Lui magazine and has shown them off several other times.

Her love of baring it all might make her the most likely celeb to turn up semi-topless. But Rihanna excels at pushing the envelope, and she’s already done the nips-on-the-red-carpet thing. She’ll probably find a more creative way to push the boundaries. Can’t wait to see what she comes up with.

2. Kendall Jenner

Kendall has also been one to show the girls off time and time again, from her debut on the Marc Jacobs runway to her recent Coachella bralette. She also apparently has a nipple ring. This makes her a top contender for freeing the nip this Met Ball.

But on the other hand, Kendall has fought tooth and nail to be taken seriously not only as a supermodel, but also as… shall we say… slightly less exhibitionistic than her other family members. Kendall is the class act of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. So unless her nipple-baring outfit is being selected by Karl Lagerfeld himself, we’re not sure she’ll be showing off the girls.

3. Kate Moss

Kate Moss has shown her boobs before, and she’ll probably show them again. So why not at tonight’s Met Gala?

Unlike Kendall, Ms. Moss is about as established in the modeling world as it gets. Not even a drug scandal could boot her from the top. So showing her breasts on the red carpet would really be NBD.

She also revels in aging gracefully — you’ll never see her looking overly plump from Botox. Freeing the nip on tonight’s red carpet would be a perfect way for her to remind us all she’s still the queen.

4. Rita Ora

Rita’s star is rapidly fading due to her inability to release music in the foreseeable future, so she could use the uptick in publicity that would come from an attention-grabbing outfit. Plus, she’s shown up next to naked on a red carpet before.

But perhaps most significantly, she dared to wear a lemon bikini and Beyoncé’s Gucci outfit last week in an apparent campaign to convince the world she was Becky from “Lemonade.” So she obvs DGAF about literally anything at this point if it means keeping her name out there.

I’d put money on catching a glimpse of Rita’s tater tots at the gala tonight — if she’s even invited 🙁

5. Madonna

This might sound out of left field, but Madonna’s been inching toward nipple-freeing on the red carpet for a while. Remember her Dolce & Gabbana look from the 2015 Grammys? Her butt cheeks completely stole the show.

Madonna is an O.G. nipple freer, if you didn’t know. Her “SEX” book was full of topless pics of the singer, plus she posed nude for a photographer before she even became famous (and was later shamed for it, of course). Plus, she just posed tits-out for Interview so clearly the girls are ready and rarin’ to go.

Perhaps most importantly, Madonna freeing her nips would add to the media’s current sexist and age-ist storyline that she’s “having a breakdown.” And since she’s the queen of controversy, she’d probably have a hard time rejecting that opportunity. We really, really hope Madonna takes home the nip-freeing award tonight.

6. Miley Cyrus

Miley, as previously mentioned, has no qualms about showing off the girls on any occasion. Her approach to freeing the nipple is pretty much post-political. She’s so empowered in her body, freeing the nipple basically doesn’t even mean anything. In her book, it’s just another body part.

Yes, Miley might be the top contender for turning up at tonight’s event with the girls on display — aside from the fact that she’s been kind of a bad girl gone good lately, what with the reignited engagement to Liam Hemsworth and all. There’s a chance she’ll be using the night as her first official appearance back with bae, rather than a typical Fashion Moment. But come on, Miley, don’t fail us now!


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