Miley Cyrus Shows Us How To Free The Nipple Without Being Annoying

The Free The Nipple movement sometimes strikes us as a cause that only matters to rich girls who can’t figure what else to complain about. And while Miley Cyrus generally falls into that category, TMZ caught the singer looking pretty damn cool walking around Soho with her nips out this weekend, sporting a cropped white mesh long-sleeve atop baggy denim.

If you’re into Miley’s look, but not interested in being arrested (because, let’s face it, only a celeb can pull off the completely-shirtless-in-public look without ending up in handcuffs), here are a few options:

Add Pasties Under Your White Mesh


Hit the Beach (Not in America)


Accessorize With a Pig


Wear an Actual Free The Nipple Shirt (If You Must)


Gimme More POP

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