Miley Cyrus Just Made Her Last Red Carpet Appearance Ever

By all accounts, today should have been a great day.  The sun was shining, the muffins that I baked last night still fresh and moist, and for once this week I managed to get more than five hours of sleep.  I woke up feeling on top of the world, but as soon as I checked my Instagram feed, my heart plummeted when I learned that Miley Cyrus had walked her last red carpet.

Excuse me while I take a moment. 


While it’s unclear what exactly led Miley to make this decision, here’s what we do know about how the night unfolded: it was a rainy Wednesday night in New York City, but all was sunny and bright at the Paris Theatre where a host of celebrities had gathered to celebrate the premiere of the Sofia Coppola’s A Very Murray Christmas.

Like a good co-star, Miley Cyrus came through, wearing a long-sleeved sequin dress with matching knee socks and two space buns made out of twine on the top of her head.

Say what you want about personal taste, but this was a very conservative outfit from the 22-year-old singer who’s currently closing her sold out tour by dressing like a pornicorn.  Her words, not mine.

Since she’s Miley, when somebody gave her a Bill Murray Christmas sweater to pose with, she put it in her mouth.

And then, once again because she’s just being Miley, she stuck out her tongue for the cameras.

Basically, it was just another night out for Miley Cyrus.  Nothing special, no signs of inner turmoil, she was just doing her thing.

While we’ll never know if it was something that happened during the screening, a snap decision she made while she was high, or something that was just a long-time coming, around midnight Miley Cyrus delivered a message to her fans through an Instagram caption: “#averymurraychristmas @netflix #fuckyeahbillmurray #mylastredcarpet 4eva”.  

Time will tell if Miley Cyrus means what she says, but for the foreseeable future, it looks like we’ve seen the last of our favorite controversial pop star.  Pop culture as we know it will ever be the same again.

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