Is Rita Ora Campaigning to Convince the World She’s ‘Becky’ from Lemonade?

Despite our plea that people stop using Lemonade as an excuse to drag women, now that Rachel Roy’s made her Instagram private the Beyhive has latched onto a new Becky to torment.

Rita Ora.

While there’s more than enough photographic evidence for the Beyhive to swarm around, the question is: is Rita Ora really campaigning to be the new Becky or are fans just misreading the clues? 

It all started on Sunday when Rita Ora opened up Snapchat and took a picture of herself wearing a bralette with two strategically placed lemons. She also appeared to be wearing a “J” necklace.

To the Beyhive, this was an unmistakable attack on Beyoncé. 


Of course what the Beyhive probably didn’t know is that Rita Ora had designed the lemon bra weeks earlier and that the photo was her way of thanking celebrities like Poppy Delevingne for wearing her already sold out Tezenis collaboration at Coachella. 

It’s also worth pointing out that when Rita’s necklace only looked like a “J” because it was mirror-imaged. When photographed head on, it looks like it’s probably just an “R”, albeit a strangely written one.  


A photo posted by Rita Ora (@ritaora) on

Calligraphy, there’s a reason why they don’t teach it in schools anymore.

On Monday, Rita further angered the Beyhive by stepping out wearing the exact Gucci outfit Beyoncé wears on top of the sinking cop car in the “Formation” video.

Again, here her necklace clearly reads as an “R”.



And now Rita Ora is getting dragged to hell over her so-called crimes against Beyoncé.


Of course it doesn’t help Rita Ora that this isn’t her first time getting accused of being Jay Z’s secret mistress.

In 2014 she was asked about whether or not she was hooking up with Jay on an appearance on “The Breakfast Club” and while she didn’t explicitly deny it, she was clearly offended.

“Don’t you dare disrespect Beyoncé like that ever again in your entire life. Yeah cause that’s just straight up disrespect. You can’t even go there, that just not a question.”

And yet, two years later, it’s a question fans are still asking.

It’s worth noting that right now the only thing Rita Ora has going on for her (besides her lingerie collaboration) is a lawsuit against Roc Nation on the grounds that they refuse to release her second album.

Returning the favor, Roc Nation countersued Ora this February, claiming they’d already spent $2.3 million marketing her second album.

While Ora is still technically signed to Roc Nation, there’s clearly some lost love between the two. Maybe Rita thought that if she pissed the Beyhive off there’d be a little more incentive to cut her loose from the family and potentially make all the lawsuits go away.

Maybe not though.

Just like it’s perfectly conceivable that Becky isn’t a real person at all and just a symbol of infidelity, maybe Rita’s actions have all been coincidences.


Whatever the truth, we really need to stop using “Lemonade” as an excuse to bring other women down.

Please. Let’s just let art be art, okay?

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