Whoa, Justin Timberlake Is Actually the Male T Swift

As much as we love to rib Taylor Swift for her kiss-and-tell tendencies, not to mention her embarrassing knack for trying way too hard in pretty much every situation, we all know the truth: in the real world, dudes are the craziest exes.

Case in point: BuzzFeed has just pointed out all the times Justin Timberlake has brought up his ex-girlfriend Britney Spears in the press over the past fourteen freaking years. And it’s a lot of times.

In a post called “Dear Justin Timberlake, Just Fucking Stop,” Matt Stopera points out every time Justin used Britney Spears to get sympathy, boost record sales, make himself look cool, and play the victim. As Justin tells it, Britney cheated on him back in the 2000s when they were dating. “Cry Me a River” was all about her and even featured a cheating girlfriend character who looked exactly like Brit, unfortunate newsboy cap and all.

And now, he’s pointlessly brought up Brit Brit yet again.

Vanity Fair’s Italian edition asked Justin if you need to be depressed to write good music, and he responded:

“Depends. In the past, suffering has helped me compose songs. ‘Cry Me a River’ was written in a time of pain, like everyone knows.”

It sounds innocuous, but when you think of how many times Justin has brought this up over the years, especially how many times Britney brought it up (approximately 0?) it’s pretty insane and honestly starting to veer toward slut-shaming. It’s like, okay Justin, we all feel bad that Britney Spears cheated on you. But you guys were pretty much each other’s first boyfriend and girlfriend, you were under a lot of pressure, and Britney might have even been dealing with undiagnosed mental illness at the time. Give her a freaking break already.

Guess it’s no surprise that Justin has called Taylor a “good friend” while gushing about her. Taylor practically invented the game when it comes to monetizing your past heartbreaks — and we would never fault her for that. It’s just a little weird that Justin’s been doing it over and over with the same ex for 14 years. Plus, he’s supposed to be happily married at this point.

Give it up, dude.

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