Where to buy iconic American Apparel pieces now that it’s officially closed

Whether you loved it or you hated it, you can’t deny American Apparel was convenient. If you needed a last minute thotty outfit for Halloween or a game day, American Apparel was always there with sexy basics in a zillion colors. You also can’t deny that their ads were totally ahead of their time.

Even if you didn’t shop there often, there’s definitely a void left in the market for disco pants, boobalicious body suits, and those cute lil tennis skirts.

But never fear, you can get super similar items elsewhere. Here are dupes for your favorite American Apparel items now that they’re closed.

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1. These Classique Sweatshirts


Old Navy Lightweight Jersey Zip Hoodie, $20 American Apparel Tri-blend Hoodie $38

If you never stole one of these from your middle school boyfriend, who even are you? The good news is you don’t have to date a poser skater boy to score one anymore. Old Navy has a fab option in more demure colors, and you can actually still buy the American Apparel style from rando websites that probably used them for custom designs.

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2. The Leos


Missguided Black Plunge Halter, $14 Forever 21 Fitted Halter Bodysuit, $8 Jewel Toned Rockin’ Bodysuit, $61

Ugh, how will we survive without those leos in every possible colorway? Halloween will never be the same. Luckily, bodysuits are having a major moment right now, and it’s not that hard to find one that’s similar to your OG American Apparel leotard that you wore for your slutty bunny costume in college.

These Missguided and Forever 21 options are almost identical in style, although we anticipate them being of lower quality and might not give you as ah-mazing cleavage as the OG American Apparel one.

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If you’re looking for quality and don’t care if it’s not the exact same cut as the American Apparel leo, try this Jewel Toned bodysuit. It’s basically made of spanx material, but made to be worn out. Your body does look “rockin'” and your ta-tas will be slaying for the gawds. Although if you have bigger boobs, you might want to go up a size to avoid squishiness, trust me.

3. Pleated Skirts


Forever 21 Satin Pleated Mini Skirt, $18

These are actually trendy for every day ‘fits and not just for your slutty school girl costume these days. Unfortunately, you can no longer buy them from American Apparel. Luckily, Forever 21 released a good selection of exact replicas back in the winter, and they still currently offer the striped version above.

If you’re hoping for another color selection, you can still buy the OG AA piece on resell apps for standard prices – like this red one for $30, which is more or less the original price. You should also check thrift shops for actual tennis skirts, I snagged a forest green one from Buffalo Exchange for $6 the other week.

4. Disco Pants


Hot Pants, $15 Disco Pants, $16

Even when American Apparel was alive and well, I checked Amazon first – especially if I just needed something for a Halloween costume and didn’t care about quality. When searching for a replica of the disco shorts for a photoshoot – I found this Amazon knock-off. Like American Apparel, the sizing is on the smaller side, they’re not super flattering, but they do pack a lot of shine. Honestly, nobody will know the difference.

5. LCDs (little colorful dresses)


H&M Sleeveless Jersey Dress, $18 James Perse Long Slip Dress, $125

People talked smack about American Apparel for always making the same shit, but that shit werked! Like, somehow your basic tank dress that you bought in 2010 from American Apparel still is the one dress in your closet that makes your bod look best.

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Well, we can’t promise that these dresses will also boost your boobies and booty the same way your trusty AA dress did, but the styles are similar. James Perse pieces are always super soft and good quality (hence the hefty price tag). If you’re not willing to splurge on a basic, you can find his stuff at Marshall’s and TJ Maxx pretty frequently. Not to mention they have an annual sample sale in NYC.

The H&M dresses are also pretty damn good for the price tag. It’s cheaper than the AA versions, and it won’t zip you up quite as well, but throw on a bra for an extra boost and you’ll be fine.

6. Metallic Shit


Metallic Halter Top, $12 Metallic Hot Stuff Mini, $33 Metallic Dolphin Skirt, $16

One of my co-workers’ roommates cried, “where am I going to get gold shit?” when American Apparel announced they were going out of business. The answer? Lots of places.

As you may know, I’m personally a fan of Yandy for all thotty theme outfit needs – and unlike places like Forever 21 who are hopping on metallic pieces because they’re trendy right now, Yandy has the goods year round. Either way, you shouldn’t have trouble finding pieces for that gold digger Halloween costume, you just might have to order them online instead of waiting until the 30th to hit American Apparel.

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