Wengie believes in the importance of passion and creativity in everything you do

Wengie is revolutionizing the way we view beauty bloggers, and just influencers in general. With over 10 million subscribers on Youtube, she is creating an empire for men and woman alike to follow their passion and do what they love. She is also an example of just how hard some influencers really work – she credits this hardworking mentality to the fact that she used to DIY everything, including her own toys as a child.

This influencer is not just growing an audience through beauty, though – she is also involved in music, DIY, fashion, and YouTube. Also, with her viral videos, Wengie is Australia’s DIY queen and we are absolutely obsessed with her life hacks.

We sat down with Wengie to talk all about her new music, how to stay driven, and the bullying she has faced through her experiences on YouTube.

What inspired you to start your YouTube channel? What did you intend it to be when you started?

I have loved creating ever since I was a kid – from making my own toys, to painting, drawing, and now photography. My channel was just an outlet for my creativity at first, rather than a career choice.

I started really taking it seriously when I fell in love with editing and making videos. I also had a great time making videos when my viewers requested them – it felt like I was helping a real person which was super rewarding.

Did you ever imagine that YouTube would become a career? Did you ever consider other career paths?

Not at all! When I was a kid I always wanted to be a robot pilot and fight monsters to save the world, but since that wasn’t realistic, I thought I wanted to be a hairdresser at one point, then a graphic designer, and of course, a singer!

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How much time do you spend on filming your videos?

All of it! I’m a bit of a workaholic. When I get into something I can’t stop doing it! Editing was actually the process that takes the longest but it’s what really helps you tell the story the way you want it to be told.

What are some of your favorite opportunities you’ve earned through YouTube?

Being able to release my first single, “Cake,” has been by far the most exciting opportunity and a dream come true! Also, going on my very first American tour is going to be such a memorable experience!

What are some of your favorite videos to date?

It’s got to be my music video for “Cake.” It took months of planning but I’m so grateful to GRIM FILMs for helping me put it together! Filming a music video is the biggest video project I’ve taken on!

Before your YouTube kicked off, you started your own blog. How do you feel about blogging versus YouTube?

With blogging, I loved being able to really focus on my thoughts and write them down. It feels like I can get my point across in a polished way. But I love YouTube more because it feels like talking to your best friends! Shoutout to my #wengiecorns. I also love the visual element of video that you can’t replicate on any other medium! It allows you to portray so many ideas and stories that a blog can’t.

Do you have any YouTube do’s and dont’s?

Do: try and learn or try something new every time you make a video.
Don’t: make videos for the sake of fame or money because it’s a tough journey and you need a solid reason to make it through the tough times!

Do you have any favorite YouTubers?

I love so many channels! Of course I love my girls I’m going on tour with, Natalies Outlet and Karina Garcia, as well as Collins Key.

How has your channel helped you change or grow?

I can’t believe how strong having a channel has made me become. Before going on YouTube, I hadn’t really experienced bullying to such a large degree. Of course during school there were times I was picked on by boys, but never to the degree of bullying I found myself in online.

I can say confidently now that I am able to manage it in a healthy way. I remember the first time I read a negative comment it affected me for months! And now, I probably can’t even tell you what that was because it’s not something I choose to focus on.

What do you think when looking back at your older videos? Where do you hope to take your channel?

I think older videos give you an amazing feeling because you can see how far you have come! But, I hope to focus on music more and create amazing music videos.

What advice do you have for other creative people doing freelance work trying to advance in an increasingly competitive landscape?

I definitely think it’s always wise to start narrow and just specialize in something! Once your reputation develops for the one thing, people are so open to giving you opportunities to try other things.

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What’s next for you?

I’m going to be recording more songs and putting together a mini album. It’s so exciting!

In your “Draw My Life,” video, you talked about how you used to DIY your own toys growing up. Has that helped inform your craftiness to this day? How else has your upbringing helped inform your Youtube?

Again, I’ve always loved being creative. I was constantly that girl in class who was super quiet, because I was off dreaming in my own world. Every report card I had growing up literally had the word “quiet” in it. I think spending all that time in my imagination helped me harness my creativity and having a childhood where I couldn’t have everything I wanted (my parents couldn’t afford it).

It helped me become resourceful and innovative! My dad was also super crafty. Instead of buying a lot of things, he would fix things that people threw away or repurpose things. For example, instead of letting me buy a wheel for my pet mouse he made one out of a coat hanger, a KFC potato, gravy tub, and some toothpicks! He helped inspire me to do things differently!

Photos by Jacqueline Kulla

Makeup by Arianna Blean

Hair by Preston Wada

Styling by Katie Qian

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