PHOTO DIARY: San Diego Pride Parade had us feeling lit and liberated

There’s nothing quite like showing up to an event with no idea what to expect – that was me at this year’s San Diego Pride Parade.

It was my first time going in a very long time, so I was beyond excited to get involved and celebrate the LGBTQ community of San Diego.

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Better yet, my friend invited me to Garden of Weeden – an exclusive parade viewing party where the LGBT community and our allies collide with the wonderful world of cannabis (California life). The event was gorgeous, and totally eye-opening about the cannabis industry.

I walked into the event and I was blown away. There were tons of booths handing out free drinks, they served the best mac n’ cheese lumpia I have ever had, and they freebie-d tons of cool products!

It was made very clear to me that here in San Diego, the LGBT community and the blossoming cannabis industry are very closely intertwined! Events like Garden of Weeden are great, because they increase public awareness around cannabis and diminish the stigma surrounding the amazing, little plant.

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After having the time of my life at the viewing party (without actually viewing much of the parade, lol), I went to the festival and parade for the first time ever and all I can say is OHMAHGAH it was lit!

The cool thing about the Pride Festival is that it’s just like a music festival, and it moves from city to city during Pride Month. That means that people in every Pride Festival city got to be graced by the presence of performers like Jojo (who I’ve decided is a literal angel, btw), and more. Her voice seriously gave me the feels, and when she sang her hit song “Leave (Get Out),” the crowd’s energy was infectious!

We also can’t forget about TLC (way too good), who headlined on Sunday and gave a hip-hoppin’ performance decked out in neon orange construction outfits.

But, it’s really cool to know that LGBTQ+ communities everywhere had celebrated the same way we did and with the same music and live performances.

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Pride was many things – none of it was what I expected, but I loved every second of it. I know it’s taken me a long time to get where I am in terms of self-acceptance, and it felt so good to celebrate how far I have – and we all have – come!

Now that Pride Month is in the rear view mirror, I hope you all had amazing Prides with as much dance, drink, dank, and dosido-ing as I did!

Photos by Ari

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