Drag Diaries: Babydoll talks to us about getting harassed on IG for wearing makeup

Meet Juan Garza, a.k.a. Babydoll: a kween from Bakersfield, CA, whose makeup looks are literally to die for.

Babydoll talks to us about ignoring negativity, fav products, and how to swerve cyber bullies. Duh. Check it out below!

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Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Juan Garza, also known as the drag hag herself, Babydoll! I’m a fun, crazy, colorful, queer, POC clown. I’d like to think I’m a sexy, hentai girl, but I’m just an obese weaboo with too much time on my hands.

How did you get into drag makeup?

It all started when I was a 15 year old young queer kid finding out about RuPauls Drag Race (cliche right?). It all started on Season 6, the beginning of what I didn’t expect would change my life forever. After that season, it left me so inspired, but it wasn’t until Season 7 that I was pushed to pursue drag and let my creativity flourish.

Pearl from that season was my biggest influence. DragCon 2015 rolled around, I luckily was able to meet Pearl, and that interaction with her pushed me to finally start to create. That exact day I remember roaming the convention hall looking for makeup to buy, and I picked myself up some Kryolan sticks, since they were the rage at the time.

What was the process like settling into a new form of self expression?

At first it was a bit uncomfortable, since I was adjusting to the attention I would get from my peers. Regardless of how others would perceive me, I tried to stay as confident and as true to me as I could. It wasn’t that hard to ignore the negativity, since my entire life I’ve been ostracized for being too, “annoying,” “fat,” “fem,” and just overall being myself.

How has drag helped you learn about yourself?

Drag totally made a 180 on my confidence and my self esteem. When I was a kid, I just didn’t like myself – you could even say I hated myself. I thought I was ugly and I never liked looking at myself. Drag made me realize that I am more and that I actually am beautiful. I started to appreciate my features more than I ever did before. Drag without a doubt helped me find the beauty I never knew I had in myself.

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What’s the weirdest reaction you’ve ever gotten from someone about your makeup?

Probably the weirdest reactions I’ve ever received was from my own family. Even now, I get discouraged and upset about some comments I receive. One thing I always try to keep in mind is that regardless of the perception of others, it’s your own perception that truly matters.

What are your favorite products to use on your face?

My absolute favorite products are Kat Von D Lock it Foundation, Kat Von D Metal Crush Pallette (GLITTER GALORE), Mehron Clown White, Coty AirSpun Translucent, and finally, any nude lipstick or brown lip liner! My personal faves have to be Kat Von D’s Divine and NYX lipliner in Downtown beauty.

Recently, you had some issues on Instagram with some girl demeaning you for your appearance? 

At first, I had no idea that what was going on. I was receiving followers and comments from her own following that they had discovered me through her. I was quite confused, since I had no idea what was going on, so I tried to go to their page, and it was just gone.

I assumed she had blocked me and I jumped onto my personal account and I found her page. What I saw on her story was her bashing my queerness and my self-expression. She was basically saying she doesn’t like my “hairy tits” on her timeline.

What were your initial thoughts upon reading her words versus how you feel about it now?

My initial reaction was just complete shock, but I realized after it settled in that it was kind of funny in a way. It just boggled my mind that a grown woman would bash me on her story for just expressing myself. I messaged her regarding the whole situation calling her out about her extremely hurtful and negative comments.

She responded quite well and apologetic, but she still had a stance on what she said. I had to respect her opinion, but I was clarifying to her that it’s never okay to demean other people’s art. In the end, the whole situation ended up being a blessing in disguise, and I gained a lot of support from the online drag community.

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Do you see yourself breaking more into the drag scene in the future?

Oh 100% YES! I totally see myself trying to go out and have a blast in the glass. I have a ton of friends in the scene, so I wouldn’t go in alone.

Who are some other drag queens you look up to?

My all time favorite queens honestly have to be my closest drag friends in the scene! @charlisangelz , @img_57.mov, @itgirlcomet, @themarcollective, and @batterychargedbeauty!

They mean the absolute world to me I wouldn’t be the queen I am now without them.

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