DRAG DIARIES: The Official Ariel is truly a princess IRL

If you haven’t scrolled through Official Ariel’s IG yet, you’re missing out.

Yes, he’s the IRL Princess Ariel.

Not only is he a makeup pro, but he transforms himself into the most whimsical versions of Disney princesses – his most famous look being Princess Ariel. IG’s cosplay community has never seen anything like this!

We caught up with this modern day royalty about where he started and where he’s going. Check out our exclusive interview with this princess below!

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Can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Richard Arthur, but I am also known as The Official Ariel on Instagram. I am a full-time makeup artist and part-time Disney princess based in Los Angeles.

When I’m not spending my time helping women find their inner mermaid via makeup, I am found in my living room transforming myself into various characters and creatures from art and film!

How old were you when you started experimenting with makeup?

I started experimenting with makeup when I was about 12 years old. It was mostly with Mary Kay samples that I stole from my mom, or the cheapest things I could find at Walgreens.

What are your fave products right now?

Anything holographic! I am obsessed with having a dewy, mermaid finish.

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How has drag helped you figure yourself out?

It really helped me embrace my androgynous side. I have been bullied for being “too feminine” all my life, so it was nice having an outlet that lets me explore that side of me.

Now, I can use it against those who tried to make me feel like less of a human being because of it.

Can you remember a hard time that drag had pulled you out of?

I can’t recall a specific time. But, it really did shape who I am and made me a happier person once I started experimenting with makeup. I couldn’t imagine how my life would be without it.

Who are some other people that are doing this that you look up to?

I have always looked up to and admired was Miss Jay Alexander – runway diva and coach extraordinaire (best known for her work on “America’s Next Top Model”).

I would watch ANTM every day when I got home from school, and I remember being in awe of Miss Jay. The way he blurred the lines of what is masculine and feminine was really inspiring to me.

Can you tell us how your views on masculinity and femininity have changed since you started doing this?

I believe gender is completely fluid. I find myself dressing both masculine and feminine on a daily basis because it makes me feel much more comfortable than dressing completely “masculine,” or vice versa.

Aside from fashion, I am still struggling to figure out what I identify with in terms of gender, so, stay tuned. Drag really opened a whole new world of what gender means to me.

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What are your thoughts on negative feedback?

Negative feedback has never personally hurt me, although I sympathize with people who feel the need to be negative. When people leave hurtful comments, they are often the one who is hurting.

Where do you see this taking you?

I honestly have no idea! But, I am excited to find out.

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