This full time student is also launching a full time music career

Caroline Grace is not only a full time student at USC; she’s also officially embarked on the journey of becoming a full time artist. 

Caroline’s music is a sort of soulful pop that the industry currently seems to need more of, and she’s exclusively premiering her newest music video with us – right here, right now. This music video is for her most recent single, “Say Another Lie,” a song she says is about being true to herself.

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“I have always had a strong self identity, but I never fully shared it through my music. I don’t know if it’s because I was scared of being rejected or judged, but I filtered my music to appeal to the masses in hopes that their acceptance would affirm me,” Caroline tells Galore.

“Throughout the past year or so, I started realizing that was no way to live and certainly no way to use my voice. This project is the first time I really stepped into my own with no fear of what others thought. It is vulnerable, honest, transparent and 100% authentic,” explains Caroline.

Caroline may just be 21 years old, but she has already worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd, who has worked with the Biebs in the past.

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A majority of Caroline’s music video were actually fellow USC students. She got a few students on board the team to make the music video for, “Say Another Lie,” giving an opportunity for them to work together and create an awesome project to put on their resumes post-college – and we all know how hard post-college can be. She actually says she owes the vision of the music video to her director and producer.

Next week🖤❣#sayanotherlie

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Caroline is preparing to release her debut EP, “Tell me How You Really Feel,” and “Say Another Lie,” will be apart of that. “The videos director, Stanley Kalu, and producer, Max Feye, had an interesting take on how to apply this concept visually. Instead of hitting the nail on the head and portraying the inconsistency often found in relationships, they showcased it through the different ways that the music industry can manipulate you into being something you are not,” adds Caroline.

“I hope people can take away from this video, and EP in particular, that the only way to live a happy life, truly inspire people and leave a mark on the world is through being genuine. That is what this video is about. It is about the transformation I have recently experienced once I decided to embrace fear and be completely myself,” explains Caroline.

Coming soon…XX #sayanotherlie

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“Fear will no longer rule my life. No more hiding being what I know everyone will like. No more ‘Saying Lies.’ Instead, I plan on speaking my truths, singing my songs, and being courageous even if my voice trembles,” says Caroline about the inspiration for her song.

Check out her music video exclusively released with Galore below. You’re going to love her honest lyrics and you’ll definitely be inspired by hers and the team’s hard work to make “Say Another Lie” come alive.

Director: Stanley Kalu

Producer: Max Feye 

Both are juniors and the University of Southern California studying screenwriting at The School of Cinematic Arts 

Audio Producer: Stefan Selbert

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