You can now upcycle your old mascara to help save wild animals

I personally just throw away old beauty products. I never really thought about the fact that you can recycle them, or even upcycle them.

Wands for Wildlife from the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge is helping beauty addicts everywhere do exactly that. Through their program, you can upcycle your old mascara wands to help save the wildlife they work with.

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The refuge actually prefers mascara brushes – or brushes that are similar, like from eyebrow products – because they bristles are close together. “Old mascara wands are used to remove fly eggs and larva from the fur of wild animals,” says the refuge.

You can also host a “wandraiser,” as the refuge calls it, aka a party where your friends come over and you all clean your brushes together and pack them to send them off for use! Could be a really fun excuse to drink mimosas and hang, all for a great cause.

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The process of brushing the wildlife is really important in the care of the animals, according to the refuge. So, donating your brushes is extremely helpful. And no, they can never have too many brushes!!

You can also donate food, supplies, and money to the refuge, which are all needed for maintaining their facilities and taking care of the animals. Just make sure that before mailing your brushes, wash them in soapy water to remove and dirt or mascara left on the brush.

Next time you’re about to throw out an old beauty item with a great bristle brush, don’t forget about the Wands for Wildlife program. You could really make a difference for some sweet, adorable animals in need!

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