Update: Rob & Chyna Are Now ‘Together, But Living Apart’

You know when you post something emo on social media about your breakup, and then one your most gossipy friend texts you to see if you’re okay but you know she actually just wants the deets? So you lie and say everything’s cool?

Looks like that’s what’s going on with Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna right now.

As you’ll recall, TMZ broke the news yesterday that the two lovers had parted ways and were waiting for their show to finish its run before announcing that they’d come to their senses and broken up.

But now, E! News is reporting that the couple didn’t break up, they just decided to stop living together. Oh, and they “bicker a lot.”

Ummm, sounds like a breakup to us… But maybe we’re being too cynical and Blac Chyna will, in fact, spread her wings and become Angela Kardashian through the sacrament of televised marriage before the year’s over.

Or maybe they’re just trying like hell to dial back the breakup news so that people will tune into their meh show.

Either way, we’re sure this isn’t the last we’ll hear from them.

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