Now universities might get sued for “discriminating” against white people

The Senate might have saved health care (for now), but it looks like the Department of Justice is gonna gut affirmative action programs.

Great, just what America needs. Another f*cked up policy from the Trump administration.

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Trump’s administration is preparing to make the Justice Department’s civil rights division start investigating and suing universities over affirmative action admissions policies that are deemed discriminatory against white people, according to a document obtained by the New York Times.

But here’s the thing, affirmative action doesn’t discriminate against white people. The sole purpose of affirmative action is to fight to make sure minority groups don’t get discriminated against.

Because white people don’t need the government to step in and make sure they’re being treated fairly. White people made the government and they’ve been taking advantage of it literally since the day the United States of America became a thing.

Not only does this new policy represent a backwards way at looking at how affirmative action works, but if Trump succeeds at pulling this move off, it’ll probably gut affirmative action programs across the country.

And that’s not gonna do great things for the already staggering race gap.

So yeah, it’s f*cked up. Call your local representative about it.

[H/T NYTimes]

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