The Uber CEO’s Ex Just Got The Best Revenge

To get revenge on your ex, or to not get revenge on your ex? That is the question.

It was a question the ex-girlfriend of Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, Gabi Holzwarth, didn’t answer for quite some time, as she was seemingly simply happy to be away from the toxic and misogynistic environment that we’ve come to expect from the ride-sharing company.

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But almost a year after breaking it off, Gabi felt that she was doing a disservice to everyone by keeping quiet about what she experienced while hanging around Uber bros — who allegedly flew in models to accompany them at company parties.

She recently opened up to The Information about an Uber company trip to Seoul that involved five employees and a “karaoke” bar which was actually an illegal escort operation. Nice!

If this sounds very Wolf of Wall Street to you, you’re not wrong. After all, considering the other sexist BS that former employees have reported about the company, we think Jordan Belfort would fit right in.

Gabi allegedly got a call a few weeks ago from Emil Michael, Uber’s senior vice president of business, asking her specifically to not discuss the Seoul incident to anyone.

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So what did she do? Tell the press, obvi.

Talking shit on an ex after a break-up isn’t cool, but what about talking shit on an ex’s company? Specifically, one that’s already under a watchful eye after being called out on their BS? We think Gabi did the right thing, albeit a little savage.

You go girl.

Click here to read her entire tale of savagery.

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