Sorry But, Winter Is Probs Going To Kill Your Sex Drive

I’ve always thought cuffing season was a thing because it was too cold out for everyone to go out, dress thotty, and meet people. But turns out, it might be because everyone’s sex drive kind of dies in the winter.

Apparently, sunshine makes you horny. Or it at least makes dudes horny. New research has shown that dudes with low sex drives actually experienced increased sex drives when they were exposed to a bright light.

Weird, right? But it’s not just guys who are strangely less horny in the winter, it’s girls too.

When we spoke to Dr. Sheryl Kingsberg about why we feel sexier in the summertime, she explained that it’s totally normal for your sex life to be affected by the changes in weather and the seasons.

“Not everyone is sensitive to changes in weather and seasons, but those that are will notice that longer days and more sunlight changes the neurotransmitters and affects energy, sexual desires, and overall mood,” said Kingsberg.

Even if the lack of sunshine doesn’t affect you, your sex drive might be killed by the weather and the fact that you’re probs stuck in your house.

“If it’s too cold we tend to want to hibernate, it’s hard to be sexy when you’re trying to conserve your heat,” said Kingsberg.

Plus, being outside and being active is what makes our bodies want more sex in the summer, so when it’s winter and you’re in bed watching Netflix all day, the opposite tends to happen.

This is basically just another reason why cold weather and winter time blows majorly, but now that you know what’s coming, you can maybe work against this shit and still have a killer sex life all winter long. Or at least have a good excuse to have sex with the lights on.

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