There’s a Big Difference In How Much Guys & Girls Enjoy Sex in College

If you look back on your college sex life, you may think of how fun it was to hoe around. You probably don’t think about how great the sex was.

But on the plus side, you’re not alone. Most young women agree that having sex with dudes their age kinda blows.

44.4 percent of sexually active women aged 16-21 admitted to experiencing unhappiness and bad sex, according to a study in the UK called the National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles.

This is pretty tragic, considering that almost half of young women are unhappy with their sex lives, but it’s also unsurprising. I mean, guys aged 16-21 worry more about themselves then their partner’s orgasm, many probs don’t know where the clit is, and they also care way more about quantity than quality when it comes to sex.

But in fact, over a third of the men in the study also reported unhappiness and sexual dissatisfaction. Weird, right?

It’s actually not that weird, because many of the reasons that men weren’t happy with their sex lives were reasons why the sex probably sucked for their partners as well. In fact, the most common problem that men reported in the study was that they were embarrassed about cumming too quickly.

With the females, the main problem was not being able to orgasm, which is no new issue. 21.3 percent of the women said they had difficulty reaching orgasm, and others said they didn’t feel arousal or excitement, or had anxiety during sex.

The good news is that sex has been shown to improve with age, so you hopefully won’t be stuck with lame frat dudes who bust in five minutes for the rest of your life, and you’ll also have time to get more in touch with your own sexual needs. If you’re stuck in your late teens/early twenties and can’t get no satisfaction, consider dating an older dude, or just DIY-ing it, because masturbating is always a win in our book.

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