Is it just me, or does turning 30 transform you into a fearless badass?

Rihanna and I have two things in common: we were both born in February and we both just hit our 30 milestone.

Aside from that, I’m fairly certain our experience of reaching the big 3-0 were completely different. She is after all a multi-talented entrepreneur with a successful empire in the music, fashion and beauty industry. I, on the other hand, am a New Yorker who is struggling to find the perfect job that can pay for the perfect apartment and also the perfect wardrobe. Priorities.

Still, I’m fairly certain that we felt the same hint of nostalgia for leaving behind our twenties, mainly because she posted an Instagram story that felt a little bit like the goodbye we all dread. But I am here to say to you that turning 30 is the best thing to happen to a woman.

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In fact, the transformation is almost immediate. You’re no longer stumbling in your stilettos, you’re marching in them. You no longer drink to oblivion, you match every shot with a glass of water. You no longer play the game of life, you make up your own rules. And more importantly, you no longer face the questions of self-identity with existential angst, you meet them with inquisitive care.

Most of all, turning 30 inspires you to get moving on your goals — it’s no surprise that Rihanna expanded her empire to include fashion and beauty in the years leading up to her 30th, and we expect even more growth to come.

Here are some of the superhuman abilities you acquire the moment you turn 30.

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1. Just saying no — whenever you want

Embrace NO more and reserve your YESes – I have a good handle on this BUT I was always made to feel bad for saying NO. And worse, I started to actually feel bad. It’s ok to put yourself first when you NEED to.

2. Getting over it — whatever it is

LET GO – to both the small things and “big” things. Because you’ll have to save your energy for the things that actually matter like: self-growth, self-awareness and self-belief.

3. Laughing in the face of fear

Now is the time for guts – I learned that iguanas are afraid of the most ridiculous things, like a plaid shirt. So there you have it, proof that fear is irrational. Go for it! Whatever that it is: the new job you’ve always wanted, the apartment of your dreams, the relationship you aspire to have. No MORE waiting.

4. Pumping up the volume on whatever you’re doing

Trust your journey but GO HARDER – this was by far the best advice. Sometimes I get caught up with the metrics of life. Where I saw myself at this stage, what my paycheck should look like, how many hits I should get on a post *eye roll*… But really none of that matters more than the fact that I’m on this journey and doing my best.

5. Trimming the fat from your friend group

Keep your circle tight – I am so lucky that I have friends and family who fan my flames. Now is the time, more than ever, to make sure your group of people inspires you to be a better version of yourself.

Happy Birthday queen! Can’t wait to see what you do next.

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